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Title: 適地性媒介研究與城市特質探討:以移居香港的中國大陸居民之地方經驗為例
Locative Media Studies and City Identity: An Investigation of Mainland Chinese Immigrants' Local Experiences in Hong Kong
Authors: 金麟
Jin, Lin
Contributors: 新聞學研究
Keywords: 都市研究 ; 媒介地理學 ; 媒介實踐 ; 適地性媒介 
locative media ; media geography ; media practice ; urban studies
Date: 2020-10
Issue Date: 2020-11-18 15:24:17 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 在數位時代,適地性媒介是傳播學者關注的重要研究對象,研究角度包括地方的再現分析、閱聽人使用分析、政治經濟學分析等。本文聚焦有關適地性媒介研究中的閱聽人使用。目前,從此角度研究適地性媒介的文獻眾多,但少有文章整理當前研究的趨勢以及其中存在的問題。透過檢視既有文獻,本文旨在總結有關適地性媒介研究的成果,反思其中的不足,並以具體例子說明適地性媒介研究的可能方向。首先,本文指出適地性媒介可被定義為「在功能上受限於一個位置的傳播媒介」,並強調位置感知技術、地理網和智慧型手機是適地性媒介的技術基礎。其次,當前研究主要集中在社交性、自我呈現、空間、地方以及移動性等五個主題,討論使用者與適地性媒介的互動如何創造新型的人際關係和認同,如何改變了空間和地方的意義,以及塑造出何種型態的移動性,但是相關研究較少涉及媒介實踐的脈絡,尤其是使用者在不同城市間實踐的差異性。因此,本文從城市的特質之角度,具體分析在香港的中國大陸移居者的地方認識,以提供若干建議。
Locative media in the digital age has become a hot topic in both mass media and communication studies. Contemporary academic research on locative media comes from diverse theoretical tributaries: place representation, individuals' everyday practice, and political economy. This paper thus focuses on individuals' use of locative media in their daily life. Although locative media studies can be regarded as a relatively mature field, few articles have discussed its current status and potential problems. By reviewing the existing literature, we aim to analyze the objectives and subjects of these articles, reconsider limitations, and propose potential dimensions with specific cases for future research. First, this paper defines locative media as media of communication that are functionally bound to a location, examining three developments necessary for contemporary locative media: location awareness, geoweb, and smartphones. Second, we summarize the latest findings in locative media studies into five themes: sociality, self-presentation, space, place, and mobility. The current research mainly discusses how the everyday use of locative media creates new types of interpersonal relationships and identity, how it changes the relationship between people and space/place, and how it shapes different kinds of mobility. However, these articles overlook the context of media practice. The ways that individuals use their locative media in different cities should vary and are certainly worth an in-depth study. Therefore, this paper focuses on one typical city, Hong Kong, and analyzes Mainland Chinese immigrants' place-making based on the idea of city identity so as to help expand the research direction on locative media.
Relation: 新聞學研究, 145, 101-145
Data Type: article
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