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Title: 批判隱喻分析視角下媒介报道中學術不端問題之建構——以中國青年報中學術不端報導為例
The Construction of Academic Misconduct in Media Reports from the Perspective of Critical Metaphor Analysis: A Case Study of Academic Misconduct in China Youth Daily
Authors: 杜遙
Contributors: 傳播碩士學位學程
Keywords: 中國青年報;批判隱喻分析;意識形態;學術不端
critical metaphor analysis;academic misconduct;ideology;China Youth Daily
Date: 2020-06
Issue Date: 2020-12-21 09:29:14 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 批判隱喻分析在識別構成信仰系統的意識形態方面具有重要價值。本研究以2019年初翟天臨學術不端事件為研究起點,以批判隱喻分析為理論方法,試圖探究中國青年報如何運用隱喻對造成學術不端的原因與後果進行建構,進而傳遞出官方對於學術不端的意識形態。研究發現,在翟天臨事件發生時,中國青年報使用「植物」、「建築」、「水」等隱喻類別將造成學術不端行為「歸因於個人」;兩會期間的報導則使用「自然」、「道路」等隱喻類別將造成學術不端的根本原因「歸因於大陸學術與教育環境存在漏洞」;在兩會後期的報導中,中國青年報幾乎不再用隱喻建構學術不端的原因與結果,而是轉為使用描述學術不端原因的隱喻類別的積極面建構「官方的具體整改措施」。研究顯示,中國青年報用使用數字隱喻「零容忍」作為官方意識形態的標誌隱喻,以其為核心隱喻展現出官方對學術不端堅決的批評態度,中國青年報在兩會後期著力報導學術機構整改成效,展現官方態度有效地轉變成懲治學術不端有力的手段,樹立官方的公信力。 
 Critical metaphor analysis is of great value in identifying the ideology that constitutes the belief system.This research starts with Zhai Tianlin's academic misconduct in early 2019, and uses critical metaphor analysis as a theoretical method to try to explore how China Youth Daily uses metaphors to construct the reason and consequences of academic misconduct, and then convey the official ideology of academic misconduct. The findings shows that in the early report, the use of metaphorical categories such as "plants", "buildings", and "water" by China Youth Daily would cause academic misconduct to be attributed to "individuals." Reports during the two sessions used metaphorical categories such as "nature" and "road" to the primary reason of academic misconduct attributable to "defects in academic education and the environment in the mainland China." Later in the report, the China Youth Daily almost no longer used metaphors to construct the causes and consequences of academic misconduct, but instead used the positive aspects describing the categories of metaphors for academic misconduct to construct "official rectification measures." Studies have shown that China Youth Daily uses the digital metaphor "zero tolerance" as official ideology, and uses it as a core metaphor to demonstrate the official's criticism of academic misconduct. Showing that the official attitude has been effectively transformed into a powerful means of punishing academic misconduct and establishing official credibility.
Relation: 2020中華傳播年會, 中華傳播學會
Data Type: conference
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