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Title: 106 年台灣地區家用電器普及率調查
The Investigation of Year 2017 Penetration Tate of Household Electrical Appliances in Taiwan
Authors: 劉惠美
Liu, Huimei
Contributors: 統計系
Keywords: 家用電器;普及率
Household Electrical Appliances;Popularization Rate
Date: 2020
Issue Date: 2021-06-25 10:18:29 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 近年來,由於社會、經濟等大環境改變,家用電器業者不斷提升電器之效能,並於市場出 推出許多新興家電,再加上消費者對於節電意識的提升,這些因素將影響家用電器擁有情形, 使得家用電器用電量有所變化,對表燈用戶的用電影響實為值得關注的議題。本研究透過多元 調查方式(電話調查、面訪調查、網路調查)瞭解台澎金馬地區家用電器普及率,及民眾使用家用 電器之情形,俾供用電消費分析及政府相關節能政策制定參考之依據。 本研究有效樣本數共計 8,177 份,包含表燈營業用戶 1,084 份與表燈非營業用戶 7,093 份(電 訪調查 5,090 份、網路調查 2,003 份)。研究結果顯示,表燈用戶(包含表燈營業與非營業用戶)以 電風扇(95.40%)普及率最高,其次為電冰箱(93.60%)、冷氣機(90.00%);營業用戶以電風扇(85.30%) 普及率最高,其次為冷氣機(74.30%)、電冰箱(65.80%);非營業用戶以電冰箱(99.50%)普及率最 高,其次為電視機(98.00%)、洗衣機(97.40%)、電鍋/電子鍋(93.80%)、冷氣機(93.40%)、智慧型 手機充電器(93.00%)、抽油煙機(91.90%)等。不同營業區因受地理區域特性之影響,電暖器與除 濕機之普及率北部地區較南部地區高;太陽能熱水器、電捲門與電鍋/電子鍋之普及率南部地區 較北部地區高。
Over the past year, due to the social and economic changes, vendor of household electrical appliance continues to improve the effectiveness of household electrical appliances, sales many newly invented appliances in market, and the increase of public consciousness on energy-saving. These factors will affect the ownership of household electrical appliances, and change the consumption of electricity of household electrical appliances, how the consumption of electricity will likely change is an issue worth attention and concerns. This study uses multiple survey methods( telephone survey, interview survey, and online survey) to understand the popularization rates of household appliances in TPKM, as well as the use of household electrical appliances by the public,provides the basis for analysis of electricity consumption and the formulation of relevant government energy-saving policies. The total number of effective samples in this study was 8,177, including 1,084 commercial users and 7,093 non-commercial users (5,090 telephone surveys and 2,003 online surveys). The research results show that electric fan (95.40%) has the highest popularization rate for users of Meter Rate Lighting Service( including Lighting Commercial and Lighting Non-Commercial), followed by refrigerators (93.60%) and air conditioners (90.00%). Electric fans (85.30%) have the highest popularization rate for commercial users, followed by air conditioners (74.30%) and refrigerators (65.80%). Refrigerators (99.50%) have the highest popularization rate for non-commercial users, followed by televisions (98.00%), washing machines (97.40%), electric pans / electronic pans (93.80%) ), air conditioners (93.40%), smart phone charger (93.00%), range hood (91.90%), etc. Due to the influence of geographical characteristics in different business areas, the popularization rates of electric heaters and dehumidifiers are higher in the northern region than in the southern region; the popularization rates of solar water heaters, electric roll doors and electric pans / electronic pans are higher in the southern region than in the northern region.
Relation: 台電工程月刊, Vol.865, No.9, pp.68-78
Data Type: article
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