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Title: 未來技術與未來競爭:人工智能在中美關係中的作用
Future Technology & Future Competition: the Role of Artificial Intelligence Development in US-Sino Relations
Authors: 陳維倫
Bradford, William Kristopher
Contributors: 冷則剛
Leng, Tse-Kang
Bradford, William Kristopher
Keywords: 中美關係
Sino-American Relations
Artificial Intelligence
Space Race
Cold War
Great Power Competition
Date: 2021
Issue Date: 2021-08-04 16:20:24 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 過去大國之間的技術競爭被用來檢驗大國的意識形態優勢,同時也創造了一個非軍事領域的競爭。 雖然太空競賽是最著名的科技競賽,但美國和中國目前正在進行一項新的競賽:人工智能競賽。 正在進行的 人工智能競賽 與 太空競賽 有許多相似之處。 本文通過比較兩種競爭來探討全球化如何影響技術競爭,發現新參與者的加入是技術競爭中最顯著的轉變。
Technological competitions between great powers have been used in the past to test the ideological superiority of great powers, while also creating a non-military area of competition. While the Space Race is the most well-known of the technological competitions, the United States and China are currently engaged in a new competition: the Artificial Intelligence Race. The ongoing AI Race shares many similarities with the Space Race. This paper explores how globalization has impacted technological competitions through comparing the two competitions, finding that the addition of new actors has been the most notable shift in technological competition.
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