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Title: API驅動之企業轉型
API Enabled Business Transformation
Authors: 陳盈蓁
Chen, Ying-Chen
Contributors: 尚孝純

Shang, Shiaw-Chun
Lee, Yi-Hui

Chen, Ying-Chen
Keywords: 數位轉型
Application Programming Interface (API)
Digital Transformation
Business Value
Date: 2021
Issue Date: 2021-09-02 15:54:17 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 數位轉型在近幾年來逐漸成為許多產業中的熱門話題,而在眾多數位轉型 中 API 的相關應用也越來越廣泛。然而大多數關於數位轉型的研究通常是以大 數據和人工智能的角度進行分析,少有針對 API 所驅動的數位轉型進行了深入 分析的研究。為了深入此議題,本研究將透過多個案例研究歸納出 API 所創造 的價值及由 API 所驅動的各種轉型模式。
本研究透過質性研究和跨個案橫向分析,從企業和產業的角度進而分析 API 所帶來的變革。透過分析之結果了解企業如何通過數位轉型創造商業價 值,並歸納出四種由 API 所驅動的數位轉型模式,期望能為 API 於企業的相關 應用提供更多方向。
In recent decades, digital transformation has gradually become a hot topic in various industries. API has also been used increasingly more widely in digital transformation. However, most of the literature on digital transformation is usually conducted from the perspective of Big Data or Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, relatively few studies have conducted more in-depth research from the perspective of APIs. In order to gain deeper perspective, this study regards APIs as a trigger driving digital transformation, summarizes value created by APIs and pattern of transformation driven by APIs through multiple case study.
Through conducting content analysis and cross-case table, this research analyzed the transformation brought about by APIs from the perspective of enterprises and industries. In sum up, this study scrutinizes how companies create business value through digital transformation, summarize different patterns of transformations driven by APIs, and provide some insights for API related applications in enterprises.
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