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Title: 台灣雲林縣地層下陷研究:以航空攝影測量與基於光達產製的數值地形模型偵測高程變化
Land Subsidence in Yunlin County, Taiwan: Change Detection using Aerial Photogrammetry and LiDAR-based Digital Terrain Model data
Authors: 王歆瑋
Wang, Hsin-Wei
Contributors: 范噶色
Stephan van Gasselt
Wang, Hsin-Wei
Keywords: 地層下陷
Land Subsidence
Change Detection
Aerial Photogrammetry
Digital Surface Model
Surface Matching
Date: 2021
Issue Date: 2021-09-02 17:37:13 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 夏季多雨而冬季乾燥是台灣的氣候特徵。冬季降雨不足導致農田地區的人們主要從地下抽取地下水來滿足農業需求。降雨不足和地下水開採量大幅增加導致地下水位下降,並最終致使地面持續下陷。這已經成為一個嚴峻的挑戰,尤其是位於台灣西部海岸的雲林縣是台灣的主要農業中心。雖然下陷情況在過往一直默默的持續發生而不醒目,但近年來這個問題已經開始影響到高鐵線路而引起了大眾的關注。
本研究旨在確定雲林縣顯著地層下陷的位置,並且量化之。這個目標可以藉由使用航空攝影測量技術從航空影像產製多時序數值地形模型 (DSM),並使用表面匹配技術進行表面的共同匹配來實現。藉由上述步驟可得差異模型以評估局部地勢差異並量化地層下陷影響。多時序資料可用來比較不同年份的 DSM 以觀察研究區域的變化。
The climate in Taiwan is characterized by heavy rainfall during the months of summer and less rainfall in winter. The lack of rainfall in winter months requires people in farmland areas to pump groundwater from the subsurface in order to meet their needs in agriculture mainly. The lack of rainfall, and a considerable increase of groundwater pumping causes lowering of the groundwater table with the ultimate consequence of continuous land subsidence, which has become a serious challenge in particular in Yunlin county, located at the west coast of Taiwan and constituting one of the main agricultural centers of Taiwan. While the process of subsidence has been silent, the problem recently drew public attention as it started to affect the high-speed rail line.
With the advancement of science and technology, it is now possible to use a variety of different remote sensing detection technologies to observe large-scale surface deformations, and to create high-precision terrain models through the three-dimensional coordinates of the acquired ground objects. The government currently uses four different measurement techniques for monitoring. There is a lack of usage of existing aerial images through photogrammetric techniques and while other methods might provide higher resolution in certain areas, this data source has not been employed thus far despite wide area and temporal coverage and availability. For that reason, aerial photogrammetric methods are put at the center of this research in order to explore its usability to complement recent temporal observations.
This study targets to identify locations of significant subsidence in Yunlin county, and to potentially quantify subsidence. This is achieved by using aerial photogrammetry techniques to produce multi-temporal Digital Surface Models (DSM) from aerial images, using advanced surface matching for co-registration. Difference models are then calculated in order to evaluate local relief differences and to quantify subsidence effects. Multi-temporal data allows to compare the DSM over different years to observe the changes in the study area.
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