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Title: 鐵幕落幕30年後中歐威權主義(不)可避免的崛起
The (In)Evitable New Rise of ‘Authoritarianism’ in Central Europe —Three Decades After the Fall of the Iron Curtain
Authors: 馬可波茲塔維克
Podstavek, Marko
Contributors: 連弘宜
Lien, Hung-Yi
Marko Podstavek
Keywords: 中歐
Three Decades After
Date: 2021
Issue Date: 2021-09-02 17:57:19 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 對於政治學者、研究員以及政治家而言,「民主衰退」為一個反覆出現且令人困惑費解之議題。鑒此,本文選定中歐四國:波蘭、匈牙利、斯洛伐克和捷克之民主衰退現象,做為民主發展之個案研究。吾人試圖藉由分析中歐特殊的政治與社會情況與變遷和比照其他地區之情形,來反思「民主衰退」此一問題及探索回應此現象的解方。
The issue of democratic decay is a recurring and perplexing topic for political scientists, researchers, and politicians alike. This paper attempts to reflect upon this complex phenomenon and to find possible answers to this problem by analyzing the region of Central Europe — particularly the four countries of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech republic — which could serve as an observatory for democratic development due to their peculiar sociopolitical situations, while drawing parallels between the region of Central Europe and other regions of the world.
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