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Title: 從句法音韻介面觀點研究卓蘭饒平五字組及多字組之連讀變調 (2/2)
Pentasyllabic and Polysyllabic Tone Sandhi in Zhuolan Raoping: a Perspective from the Syntax-Phonology Interface
Authors: 蕭宇超
Hsiao, Yuchau E.
Contributors: 語言所
Keywords: 連讀變調;句法音韻介面;變調差異;機率評估;優選理論;卓蘭饒平 
tone sandhi;syntax-phonology interface;tonal variation;stochastic evaluation;optimality theory;Zhuolan Raoping 
Date: 2017
Issue Date: 2021-10-19 11:07:57 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 此次提出的計畫「從句法音韻介面觀點研究卓蘭饒平五字組及多字組之連讀變調」為目前執行中計 畫「從句法音韻介面觀點研究卓蘭饒平三字組及四字組之連讀變調」之延續。在長句中,聲調範域 的形成格外複雜,而句法與音韻的關係亦呈現不一致。此次提出的兩年期研究計畫目標是建立一個 長句連讀變調語料庫,進行句法音韻介面的理論分析。由於長期與鄰近多個方言密集接觸,卓蘭饒 平已呈現變調上的差異,而且受影響的(或者習得的)形式要比原來的形式更為普遍使用。本計畫亦擬 就此變調差異做語料庫分析,採用機率評估,預測相對標記性,特定頻率,以及習得形式之出現。 計畫「第一年」是建立語料庫階段。我們將蒐集卓蘭饒平的變調語料,包括五字組及多字組結 構,此項計畫旨在探研句法對韻律的效應以及韻律對變調的影響。我們將根據不同的句法結構、變 調位置及相鄰聲調,收集6000 個五字及多字組合,由5 位卓蘭饒平語者進行240 個小時的錄音。 計畫「第二年」是理論分析階段。我們將就第一年所蒐集的變調語料,進行句法音韻介面的理 論分析。我們將從這些五字組及多字組的輸出值中,檢視各種句法結構、韻律結構及聲調組合之間 的關係,並分析變調差異的頻率。從理論的角度,我們將探討以下問題:韻律與句法如何互動以形 成卓蘭饒平的變調範域?標準韻律理論與配稱理論如何詮釋此方言的連讀變調?變調上的差異如何 預測? 
The proposed project “Pentasyllabic and Polysyllabic tone sandhi in Zhuolan Raoping: a perspective from the syntax-phonology interface” is a continuation of the on-going project “Trisyllabic and tetrasyllabic tone sandhi in Zhuolan Raoping: a perspective from the syntax-phonology interface.” In such longer expressions, the tonal phrasing is much more complicated, and the connection between syntax and prosody appears inconsistent. The goal of the proposed two-year project is to establish a tonal database of longer expressions in Zhuolan Raoping and investigate the tone sandhi and tonal phrasing. Due to its long-term, close contact with the neighboring dialects, Zhuolan Raoping has displayed tonal variation, and the affected (or acquired) forms become more common than the native forms. This paper will also offer a corpus analysis of tonal variation using stochastic evaluation, which is able to make predictions of relative markedness, particular frequencies and emerging acquired forms. In the database construction stage of the project (the first year), we will collect data of tone sandhi from Zhuolan Raoping, including pentasyllabic and longer constructions. This project is concerned with the effects of syntax on prosody and the influences of prosody upon tone sandhi. We plan to collect 6000 tokens of pentasyllabic and longer expressions based on a variety of syntactic bracketing and projections, different positions of sandhi targets, and diverse combinations of neighboring tones. We will record 240 sessions of the designed data from 5 Zhuolan Raoping speakers, with 60 minutes for each session. In the theoretical analysis stage (the second year), we will analyze the tonal data collected in the first year in terms of the syntax-phonology interface. We will examine the relationship between the various syntactic structures, prosodic structures and tone combinations from the pentasyllabic and longer outputs, and analyze the frequencies of the tonal variations. Theoretically, we will investigate the following questions. In what way may prosody interact with syntactic structure in forming the tonal domain of Zhuolan Raoping? How do the standard theory and the match theory account for the tone sandhi? How is tonal variation predicted? 
Relation: 科技部, MOST105-2410-H004-181-MY2, 10508 ~ 10607
Data Type: report
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