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2007-03 Global Cultural Flows in Salmon Rushdie's East 劉建基
2020-10 Gothic Dream and Space: Indeterminacy in Nathaniel Hawthorne's &quot;The Celestial Railroad&quot; 李明; Lee, Ming
2007-06 Grammaticalization and beyond: The invisible space behind the body-part term boi55 (背) ''back'' in Hakka 賴惠玲; 強舒媺; Lai, Huei-ling
2001-06 The grammaticalization of Hakka BUN 賴惠玲
2002-07 The grammaticalization of the verb DO in Hakka 賴惠玲; Lai, Huei-ling
1994 Grammaticization of the saying verb WA in Cantonese 徐嘉慧; Chui, Kawai
1999-03 Great CALL activities for every classroom: Time & feedback 招靜琪
2018 Grounding and gestural repetition in Chinese conversational interaction 徐嘉慧; Chui, Kawai
2011-01 Hakka aspectual ted4 constructions: A constructional approach(客語「忒」體貌構式之分析) 賴惠玲; 李詩敏; Lai, Huei-ling
2008-11 Hakka Corpus: Construction and Application (客語語料庫的建構及應用) 賴惠玲
2002-01 Hakka LAU constructions: A constructional approach 賴惠玲
2003-04 Hakka LAU constructions: A constructional approach 賴惠玲; Lai,Huei-ling
2007-12-01 Hakka verbs of removal: Integration of verbal meanings and [VX] constructions. 賴惠玲
2005-03 Hao in spoken Chinese discourse: Relevance and coherence Wang, Y.-F.; Tsai, Pi H.; 蔡碧華
2018-02 “The Hate that Changed:’ Cycling Romance and the Aestheticization of Women Cyclists in the 1890s.” 陳音頤; Chen, Eva
2008-09 He Do the Police in Different Voices: Becket Agonistes in Murder in the Cathedral 楊麗敏
1999-12 Hedging in EFL Learners' Oral Discourse 李美麟
2001 Henry Willobie 林質心; Lin, Chih-hsin
1998 Heritage and Cultural Preservation of the East Coast of Taiwan IPPA Congress 卜道
2020-07 Hibridación de géneros y recuperación de la memoria en Cielos de barro 楊瓊瑩; YANG, Chung-Ying
2007-04 Higher Order Thought and the Problem of Radical Confabulation 藍亭; Caleb Liang
2009 History and Gender in Timberlake Wertenbaker's Plays 施懿芹; Shih, Yi-chin
2008-11 A Holistic Approach to ELT Teacher Characteristics: Excellence amid Diversity 馬誼蓮
2001 Home in David Henry Hwang's Plays 姜翠芬
2007-08 HOT and the Problem Posed by Anton's Syndrome when accompanied by Hallucinations 藍亭; 梁益堉

Showing items 351-375 of 2059. (83 Page(s) Totally)
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