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2009-09 Linguistic and imagistic representations of motion events Chui, Kawai; 徐嘉慧
2009-09 Linguistic and imagistic representations of motion events 徐嘉慧; Chui, Kawai
1996-01 Linguistic features in written and spoken Mandarin: interaction between form and function 張郇慧
2005-06 Linguistic manifestation of human thinking process: Evidence from Mandarin Chinese 賴惠玲; 高惠珊
2002 Listening comprehension in second/foreign language instruction: Case from Chinese college students in Taiwan 余明忠
2008 Local to Global: Indo-Pacific Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI) Languages Mapping Features 卜道
2016 Locative Particle ‘shang’ in Chinese 鍾曉芳; Soon, Suet Ching; Chung, Siaw-Fong
2011 Logical information processing of possibility and negation: Cases from Taiwanese Hakka Yeh, Chiou-Shing; Lai, Huei-Ling; 葉秋杏; 賴惠玲
2007-06-01 A Longitudinal Investigation of Mandarin-Speaking Preschoolers' Relation of Events in Narratives: From Unrelated to Related Events 薩文蕙
1999-01 The Looming of the Other: A Kristevan Reading of Wuthering Heights 吳敏華; Wu, Min-Hua; Ho, Keng-Yu; Ho, Po-Hsin
1991-08 The Lost Horizon: A Study of English Translations of the Shijing 張上冠; Chang, Christopher Shang-kuan
2014 LTE-Advanced中利用動態頻率重用及階層式群集多點協作以提升傳輸效能之研究 張宏慶
1993-10-01 Lyricism Versus Dramatic Conflict: Ch'ang-sheng Tien and all for Love 李文彬
2005 Malay Prefix Ter- and Ter- Passive 鍾曉芳
1996-08 Male Characters in Women's World 陳超明
2009-07 The Mandarin (Reflexive) Pronoun of SELF (zi4ji3) in Bible: A Corpus-based Study 鍾曉芳
2012-06 Mandarin Translation of English Economic Metaphors: A Cross-linguistic Study of Conceptually Related Economic Terms. 鍾曉芳; Chung, Siaw-Fong
2008-04 Mandarin-speaking Children’s References to Frames of Mind in Narratives: The Changing Functions 薩文惠
2008-05 Mandarin-speaking Children’s Relating Narrative Events: Global and Local Structure 薩文惠
2007-04 Mandarin-speaking preschoolers' relating events in narratives: A developmental study 薩文蕙
2007-04 Mandarin-speaking preschoolers' relating events in narratives: A developmental study 薩文惠
2018-09 The Mansion, Digital Yoknapatawpha 柯瑞強; Corrigan, John Michael; Burgers, Johannes; Robbins, Ben
2000-12 Mapping the Primitive: Race Gender and Sexuality in D. H. Lawrence s Writings on the Native Americans 1922-1925 陳音頤; Chen, Eva Yin-I
2005 MARKET Metaphors: Chinese, English and Malay 鍾曉芳
1999 A marriage with science: corpora and translation and interpretation research 張郇慧

顯示項目476-500 / 2015. (共81頁)
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