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2019-05 Metaphor structures and profiling strategies in political discourse on the concept of democracy 賴惠玲; Hsu, Hsiao-ling*; Lai, Huei-ling*
2020-05 Metaphorical extensions in semantic change 賴惠玲; Lai, Huei-Ling
2006-01 Metaphors and experiencing teaching 黃怡萍; Huang, Yi-Ping
2019-01 Metaphors in Chinese 鍾曉芳; Chung, Siaw-Fong; Ahrens, Kathleen
2010-07 The Metempsychotic Mind: Emerson and Consciousness 柯瑞強; Corrigan, John Michael
2004-05 Methodology in Contrastive Linguistics: a case study of certain adverbs in Chinese and English 黃麗儀
2008 Metonymic Extensions of ‘One:’ A Study based on the Morpheme Se- in Malay 鍾曉芳
2002-05 The metonymic process of Hakka LAU 賴惠玲
2014-09 Mimicked gestures and the joint construction of meaning in conversation 徐嘉慧; Chui, Kawai
2013-06 Mimicking gestures and joint actions in conversation 徐嘉慧; Chui, Kawai
2014-03 Modal Development of pa3 in Taiwanese Hakka: Grammaticalization and Subjectification 葉秋杏; 賴惠玲; Yeh, Chiou-Shing; Lai, Huei-Ling
2000-01 Morphologization of the degree adverb HEN 徐嘉慧; Chui, Kawai; Kawai Chui
2007-04 Morphosyntactic and Semantic Changes of Hakka si2: A Multi-level Analysis 賴惠玲; Lai,Huei-ling
2004-05 Multilingualism and language policy in Singapore: A historical perspective and its implications on Taiwan 余明忠; Yu, Ming-chung
2002 Multimedia applications and culture-based CALL curriculum 余明忠
2019-07 Murder in the House of Memory: Faulkner’s Plantation Prototype and the Elite Planter in Flags in the Dust 柯瑞強; Corrigan, John Michael
2006-09 Mutability and Immutability: Space, Body, and Political Economy in Tien-Hsin Chu's "Ancient Capital" 邱彥彬; Chiou, Yen-Bin
2008-03 Nanabush’s Enlightenment in Highway’s Dry Lips Oughta to Move to Kapuskasing 姜翠芬
2008 Narrating the Mobile--- Female Ramblers and the City in the Writings of Amy Levy, Dorothy Richardson, and Virginia Woolf 王瀚陞; Wang, Han-sheng
2019-09 Narrative abilities of Mandarin-speaking children with and without specific language impairment: Macrostructure and microstructure 薩文蕙; Sah, Wen-Hui; 童寶娟; Torng , Pao-Chuan
2009-06 Narrative coherence in Mandarin-speaking children's narratives: Evidence from the Frog Story 薩文惠
2009 Native and Non-Native Englsih Speaking Teachers'' Belief''s and Their Influence on Their Practice: A Case Study of Elementary Team-teaching Teachers in Hsin Chu City 葉潔宇; Yeh, Chieh-yue
2008 A Naturalistically Based Analysis of Sociolinguistic Competence and Language Transfer in a Second Language 余明忠
1999-07 Naturalization and Conflicting Generic Conventions in D. H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover 陳音頤; Chen, Eva Yin-I
2009-05 The NCCU Corpus of Spoken Chinese: Hakka Corpus 賴惠玲

Showing items 526-550 of 2039. (82 Page(s) Totally)
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