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2006-11 Some Thoughts on Raymond Williams's Keywords & His Concept of Culture 劉建基
2004-05 Somewhere in between – Fussy Statistical Analysis as a New Analytical Approach for Child Language Research (黑白一定要分明嗎?─ 模糊統計分析在兒童語言習得研究上的應用) 吳柏林; 吳信鳳
2006 Source Domain Determination: WordNet-SUMO and Collocation 鍾曉芳
2005 Source Domains as Concept Domains in Metaphorical Expression 鍾曉芳; Chung, Siaw-Fong
2017-01 Sourceless Sunlight: Faulkner’s Sanctuary and the Sacrificial Crisis 柯瑞強; Corrigan, John Michael
2004-06 Southern Orientations: Thermal Economy in Wong Kar-wai's Films 伍軒宏
2018-01 Spatial conceptualization of sequence time in language and gesture 徐嘉慧; Chui, Kawai
2003 Spatial Symbiosis and Spatial Oscillation in Jeanette Winterson's The Passion 徐肇駿; Hsu, Chao-chun
2008-11 Speculative Realities: Embedding Science Fiction Fantasy and Horror Themes in Interactive Drama (Adapting Literature to Interactive Drama)/ Journal of Interactive Drama 羅狼仁; Brian David Phillips
2001 Speech acts across cultures 余明忠
1996 Speech strategies: comparing written and spoken languages 張郇慧
1996-05 Spoken or Written: a case study of written features in oral text 張郇慧
2001 Stephen King小說中的時間與空間 陳超明
2003 STOCK MARKETS AS OCEAN WATER: A Corpus-based, Comparative Study in Mandarin Chinese, English and Spanish 鍾曉芳
2018-04 Storybook narratives in Mandarin-speaking pre-adolescents with and without autism spectrum disorder: Internal state language and theory of mind abilities 薩文蕙; Sah, Wen-hui; 童寶娟; Torng, Paochuan
1999-11 Strategies for building a Web-based community of learners 招靜琪
2004-05 Strategies in Teaching Creative Writing/Play Adaptation 司徒芝萍
2002-01 Streetwalking and the Construction of Female Spectatorship: George Gissing's Turn-of-the Century Urban Novels 陳音頤
2005-01 Structuring of information flow in Mandarin Chinese Chui, Kawai; 徐嘉慧
2007 Struggling Identities: Vanniyaletto (Vedda) of Sri Lanka 卜道
2007 Student perceptions of interactive drama activities. 鄭傳傑; Cheng, Michael
2016-02 Students’ Perceptions of Reading Popular Fiction in an EFL Classroom 許麗媛; Hsu, Li-Yuan
1990 A Study Guide to British Literature: From the old Eiglish Period to 1800 姜翠芬; Jiang, Tsui-fen
2002 The Study of Cooperative Learning in the EFL Conversation Classroom in Commercial Vocational High School 呂素卿; Lu Su-ching
2020-05 A Study of KIND Metaphor and Simile Annotation based on Dependency Parsing and ConceptNet 鍾曉芳; Chung, Siaw-Fong; Shih, Meng-Hsien; Shen, Yu-Hsiang; Liao, Heng-Chia

Showing items 726-750 of 2036. (82 Page(s) Totally)
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