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2010-03 The Ecology of Discourses & the Trajectory of Literary Studies 何艾克
2003 ECONOMY IS A PERSON: A Chinese-English Corpora and Ontological-based Comparison Using the Conceptual Mapping Model 鍾曉芳
2003 ECONOMY IS A TRANSPORTATION_DEVICE: Contrasting Representation of Source Domain Knowledge in English and Chinese 鍾曉芳
2019-08 ECONOMY metaphors in political discourse 賴惠玲; Hsu, Hsiao-ling*; Lai, Huei-ling*; Liu, Jyi-Shane
2010-12 Education as a Pharmakon in Mary Shelley''s Frankenstein. 趙順良; Chao, Shun-liang
2010-12 Education as a Pharmakon in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein 趙順良
2004 The Effect of Different Approaches to Repetition Strategy Instruction on the Listening Comprehension of Junior High School Students in Taiwan 馬玉玫
2004 The Effectiveness of Metacognitive Strategy Instruction in English Writing in Senior High School 鄒美芸; Tsou,Mei-yun
2005 The Effectiveness of Various Ability Groupings in an EFL Cooperative Learning Classroom 邵敏惠; Shao,Min-huei
2011-12 The effects of EFL learners' awareness and retention in learning metaphoric and metonymic expressions Chen, Yi-chen; Lai, Huei-ling; 陳怡蓁; 賴惠玲
2009 Effects of Topic Familiarity on Writing Performance: A Study based on GEPT Intermediate Test Materials 鍾曉芳
2012-08 EFL learners' awareness of metonymy-metaphor continuum in figurative expressions 賴惠玲; 陳怡蓁; Lai, Huei-ling
Eight Questions in Neuroethics 藍亭
2019-05 Elizabethan Shakespearean Humor in 1930s Shanghai: Musical Twelfth Night by Tainaner Ensemble. 姜翠芬; Jiang, Tsui-fen
2001 ELT in East Asia: Changes and Challenges 林茂松
2002-04 Emasculation and Disillusionment: The Chinese Father and the Black Father in Frank Chin’s The Chickencoop Chinaman 姜翠芬
2001-07 Embodied Rationalism: A Critique of Embodied Cognitive Science 藍亭
2018-07 Emerson’s Sad Clown: American Romanticism and the Duality of the Humourist 柯瑞強; Corrigan, John Michael
2013-11 Emily Dickinson's Asian Consumption 許立欣; Hsu, Li-hsin
2005 An empirically based analysis of speech acts in a second language: A cross-cultural study of Chinese and American English 余明忠
2005 Empowering Austronesian Languages—Orchid Island (Taiwan) and the Batanes Archipelago 卜道
2005 Empowering Pacific Language and Culture Mapping 卜道
2016-07 Encoding Yoknapatawpha: Considering Faulkner in the Information Age 柯瑞強; Corrigan, John Michael
2015-06 Encoding Yoknapatawpha: Faulkner in the Information Age 柯瑞強; Corrigan, John Michael
2014-05 An End of a Journey: Nostalgia and Self-Consciousness as Recognition of Transformation 林婉瑜

Showing items 226-250 of 2014. (81 Page(s) Totally)
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