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1999-10 The Semantics of Tone: A Perspective fron Tone Loss in Chinese Languages 蕭宇超
2019-01 Serial Tonal Derivations in Southern Taiwanese Diminutive Structure 蕭宇超; Hsiao, Yuchau E.
1996-05 Silence is Gold:on the Delayed Oral Practice 何萬順; One-Soon, Her
2019-07 Simplifying the Complexities in Shandong Leling Tone Sandhi 蕭宇超; Hsiao, Yuchau E.
2018-02 A Single origin of numeral classifiers in Asia, Pacific, and Europe: A hypothesis 何萬順; Her, One-Soon; Li, Bing-Tsiong
1992-09 Some Comments on the Direct Syntactic Influences Upon Phonology 蕭宇超; Hsiao,Yuchau E.
2003-11 Some Theoretical Interpretations of the Morphology in Formosan language 蕭宇超
1995-03 Southern Min Tone Sandhi and Theories of Prosodic Phonology 蕭宇超; Hsiao, Yuchau E.
2008-04 Speech errors and aphasic speech in Mandarin: Implications for speech production 萬依萍
2008-05 Speech errors and forms of aphasia in Mandarin: Implications for language processing 萬依萍
1998 Speech errors and the representation of tone in Mandarin Chinese 萬依萍; Wan, I-Ping; Jaeger, Jeri
2018-01 A statistical explanation of the distribution of sortal classifiers in languages of the world via computational classifiers 何萬順; Her, One-Soon; Tang, Marc
2002-09 The Status of Prenuclear Glides in Mandarin Syllables: Evidence from Psycholinguistics and Experimental Acoustics 萬依萍
2012-06 Structure of classifiers and measure words: A lexical functional Account. 何萬順; Her,One-Soon
2017-01 Structure of numerals and classifiers in Chinese Her, One-Soon; 何萬順
2017 Structure of numerals and numeral classifiers in Chinese: Historical and typological perspectives and cross-linguistic implications 何萬順; Her, One-Soon
2004 A Study of Factors for Senior High English Teachers in the Greater Taipei Area in Textbook Selection 柯宗明; Ko,Tsung-ming
1974-12 A Study of THAT Clause 楊懿麗; Yang, I-li
2020-11 Subject animacy and underspecified meaning: The conceptual and cortical underpinnings 賴瑶鍈; Lai, Yao-Ying; Lacadie, Cheryl; Deo, Ashwini; Piñango, Maria Mercedes
2009 A Suppressionist Approach to Argument-Function Mismatches One-Soon Her
1991-10 Syntax, Rhythm and Tone: A Triangular Relationship 蕭宇超; Hsiao, Yuchau E.
2020-04 The syntax-prosody competition: Evidence from adjunct prosodic parsing in iGeneration Taiwanese 蕭宇超; Hsiao, Yuchau E.
1995-06 The Syntax-Semantics Mismatch as a Clue of Adverbial Tonal Phrasing in Southern Min 蕭宇超; Y. Chen
2017 Taiwan Mandarin Tone Sandhi Variation of the Intonational Phrasing in Fast Speech 陳怡臻; Chen, Yi Jen
1996 Taiwanese syllable contraction and the interactions among phonology, morphology and syntax (從台語音節連併到音韻、構詞與句法之互動) 蕭宇超; Hsiao, Yuchau

顯示項目251-275 / 774. (共31頁)
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