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2002 Taking Care of "Take": Frame and Constructions 李美芳; Mei-fang F. Lee
2003-06 Talking about past events in conversation: An analysis of Mandarin mother-child and adult-adult discourse 黃瓊之
1992-07 Tamade! When Morphology Interfaces with Syntax ... 蕭宇超
2018-01 Taxonomy of numeral classifiers and measure words: A formal semantic proposal 何萬順; Her, One-Soon; Wu, Jiun-Shiung
2000-06 Temporal reference in Chinese mother-child conversation: Morphosyntactic, semantic and discourse-pragmatic perspectives 黃瓊之
1999-12 Temporal Variables in Read and Spontaneous Speech 楊懿麗
2007 Ten Characters in Search of a Group: A Sketch of Bloomsbury 何萬順
1977-05 Tennessee Williams' Insight into the South 楊懿麗; Yang, I-li
2000-09 Testing the Psychological Reality of Coronals 萬依萍
2016-02 The structured individual hypothesis for processing aspectual verbs 賴瑶鍈; Lai, Yao-Ying; Lacadie, Cheryl; Constable, Todd; Deo, Ashwini; Piñango, Maria Mercedes
2003-11 Theoretical Predictions of Speech Prosody: A Prosodic Phonology Perspective 蕭宇超
1992-07 A Theoretical Proposition for Mandarin Prosodic Morphology 蕭宇超
1985 To dispense with OV word order in Modern Mandarin 何萬順; One-Soon, Her
2019-06 Tonal behavior of classifiers in iGeneration Taiwanese 蕭宇超; Hsiao, Yuchau E.
1995-10 The Tonal Behavior of the Agent-Oriented Adverbs in Southern Min Discourse 蕭宇超
2015 Tonal chain shifts in Taiwanese: a comparative markedness approach Hsiao, Yuchau; 蕭宇超
2000-08 Tonal Phrasing in Taiwanese: A Perspective from the Optimality Theory 蕭宇超
2002-12 Tone Contraction 蕭宇超
2006-12 Tone errors in normal and aphasic speech in Mandarin 萬依萍
2005-01 Tone in Syllable Contraction 蕭宇超
2000-05 Tone sandhi in Mandarin-Taiwanese code-mixing 蕭宇超; 林蕙珊; Hsiao, Yuchau E.
1996 Tone sandhi of trisyllabic reduplication in Miaoli Sixian Hakka (苗栗四縣客語的三疊變調) 徐桂平; 蕭宇超; Hsiao, Yuchau
2018-03 Tone sandhi of young speakers’ Taiwanese 蕭宇超; Hsiao, Yuchao E.
1993-06 Tone Stability of the Personal Pronouns in Southern Min 蕭宇超; H. Huang; M. H. Chen
1991 Topic as a grammatical function in Chinese 何萬順; One-Soon, Her

Showing items 276-300 of 766. (31 Page(s) Totally)
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