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2018-08 Multiplicational View on Classifiers and Measure Words: Evidence from Mandarin-Speaking Children’s Spontaneous Speech 何萬順; Her, One-Soon; Chen, Yupin
2017-07 Neural correlates of bilingual language control during interlingual homograph processing in a logogram writing system. 謝明哲; Hsieh, Ming-Che; Jeong, Hyeonjeong; Kawata, Kelssy Hitomi Dos Santos; Sasaki, Yukako; Lee, Hsun-Cheng; Yokoyama, Satoru; Sugiura, Motoaki; Kawashima, Ryuta
2018-01 Neural correlates of quantity processing of Chinese numeral classifiers 何萬順; 顏乃欣; Her, One-Soon; Chen, Ying-Chun; Yen, Nai-Shing
2016-01 News as a Medium: Borrowings Adoption by Mandarin Chinese 陳筑琬; 紀立昕
2011-11 Number of sense effects of Chinese disyllabic compounds in the two hemispheres Huang, Chih Ying; Lee, C.-Y.; Huang, H.-W.; Chou, C.-J.; 黃騭瑩
2020 Numeral base, numeral classifier, and noun: Word order harmonization 何萬順; Her, One-Soon; Tang, Marc
2007-02 On correlating aphasic errors with speech errors in Mandarin 萬依萍; Wan,I.-Ping
2001 On Hakka BUN: A Case of Polygrammaticalization Lai,Huei-ling; 賴惠玲
2014-10 On silent elements: A case study of grand and its silent entourage. 何萬順; 蔡慧瑾; Her, One-Soon; Tsai, Hui-Chin
2018-11 On Tag Questions in Chinese: From the Perspective of Confirmation versus Information Questions 何萬順; Her, One-Soon; Chen, Yupin
1992 On the interaction between structure and lexicon One-Soon Her
1991 On the Mandarin possessive and existential verb YOU and its idiomatic expressions 何萬順
2007-10 On the phonological organization of Mandarin tones 萬依萍; Wan,I-Ping
1997 On the problems of the Chinese transcription system, Chuyin Fuhao (從現代音韻學角度看注音符號的缺失) 蕭宇超; Hsiao, Yuchau
2001-09 On the Representation and Processing of Prenuclear Glides in Mandarin 萬依萍
2010-03 On the Semantic Distinction between Classifiers and Measure Words in Chinese 何萬順; Her,One-Soon; Hsieh,Chen-Tien
1994-10 On the Theories of Mandarin Foot Formation 蕭宇超
1994-10 On the Tonal Behavior of Mandarin Grammatical Words 蕭宇超; S. Han
1995-10 On the Tonal Typology of Three Chinese Dialects Spoken in Taiwan 蕭宇超
1975-12 On the Verb Feel 楊懿麗
1990 On the verb YOU in Mandarin Chinese One-Soon Her
2000-02 An Optimality Theory Approach to Hakka Tone Sandhi 蕭宇超
2002 An Optimality Theory Approach to Reduplication in Formosan Languages 呂順結; Shun-chieh Lu
1999-10 An Optimality-Theoretic Approach to Taiwanese Tone Sandhi 蕭宇超; H. Lin
2009 Optimality-theoretic Lexical Mapping Theory: A case study of locative inversion One-Soon Her

Showing items 176-200 of 774. (31 Page(s) Totally)
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