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2012-05 Referential choice and informativeness in mother-child conversation: A focus on the mother 黃瓊之; Huang, Chiung-chih
2011-05 Referential choice in Mandarin child language: A discourse-pragmatic perspective 黃瓊之; Huang, Chiung-chih
2019-06 Referential choice in Mandarin mother-child conversation: The incremental effect of accessibility 黃瓊之
2018-08 Referential cohesion in Bunun: A comparison of two genres 戴智偉; Busser, Rik De 
2005-12 Repetition in Mandarin child discourse: A discourse-pragmatic perspective 黃瓊之
2015-10 Rethinking OCP effects on tone sandhi 蕭宇超; Hsiao, Yuchau E.
2005-05 The Rhythm of Traditional and Creative Nursery Rhymes in Southern Min 蕭宇超
2004-05 A Rhythmic Approach to Tone Correspondence: Evidence from Chinese Syllable Contraction 蕭宇超
2006-05 Rhythmic Diversity: A Corpus Study of Southern Min and Mandarin Finger Rhymes 蕭宇超; 黃婷
Rhythmic Diversity: A Corpus Study of Southern Min and Mandarin Finger Rhymes 蕭宇超
2006-04 The Rhythmic Structure of Chinese Child Verse 蕭宇超; 黃婷
2002 Ritualization in Evolving Pragmatic Functions:A Case Study of DU Chui,Kawai; 徐嘉慧
2015 The role of Bunun deixis in information structure: An initial assessment 戴智偉; Busser, Rik De
2002 The role of phonemes and syllables in child phonology: Evidence from psycholinguistic experiments in Mandarin 廖昭媛; Liao, Chao-yuan
1991 Rule interaction as a cause of grammatical variation One-Soon Her
1997 San Min Compact English-Chinese Dictionary One-Soon Her
1995 San Min New English-Chinese Dictionary One-Soon Her
2019-11 Searching for specific sentence meaning in context: the conceptual relation between participants 賴瑶鍈; Lai, Yao-Ying; Piñango, Maria Mercedes
2010-01 Selected Papers from the 2009 Conference of the Australian Linguistic Society 戴智偉; Treis, Yvonne; (戴智偉), Rik De Busser
2018-02 Self-repair patterns in conversational speech of Mandarin aphasics 萬依萍; Wan, I-Ping; 廖儷雲; Liao, Liyun
2017-12 Semantic attributes and mathematical values in the processing of Chinese classifiers and measure words 何萬順; Her, One-Soon; Chen, Ying-Chun; 顏乃欣; Yen, Nai-Shing
2003-04 Semantics and Cognitive: An Introduction 蕭宇超; Hsiao, Yuchau E.
1995-10 The Semantics and Prosody of Reduplicative Adjectives in Southern Min 蕭宇超
1999-10 The Semantics of Tone: A Perspective fron Tone Loss in Chinese Languages 蕭宇超
2019-01 Serial Tonal Derivations in Southern Taiwanese Diminutive Structure 蕭宇超; Hsiao, Yuchau E.

顯示項目226-250 / 767. (共31頁)
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