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Title: 恐懼的假象:馬克白中的象徵、邪惡、與苦難
Painting of Fear: Symbolism, Evil, and Suffering in Macbeth
Authors: 呂信醇
Lu, Hsin-Tsun
Contributors: 施堂模
Thomas John Sellari
Lu, Hsin-Tsun
Keywords: 馬克白
Date: 2022
Issue Date: 2022-03-01 16:29:45 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 本論文以探索隱藏於馬克白恐懼背後的真相為重點,揭示一般評論家較為忽略的部分,那就是莎士比亞透過馬克白這齣戲要告訴我們的道理--邪不勝正,在劇中,馬克白及其夫人的恐懼其實是來自於害怕正義的到來,雖然整齣戲大多籠罩在血腥、背叛、及恐怖的氛圍中,但馬克白終究自食惡果,無論他怎麼抗拒光明、正義的到來,他還是要離開那自我封閉的黑暗,因為「邪不勝正」,也就是不論陰雨、黑暗多久,太陽一定會出來,本論文在劇中找到諸多證據,顯示這個莎士比亞所隱藏在劇中的道理。
Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth is probably the most complicated of his four famous tragedies. This thesis explores the meaning behind Macbeth’s fear. The thesis states that the meaning of Macbeth’s major fear is that evil cannot conquer justice—the usurper will eventually yield to the rightful sovereign. Overshadowed by the dark symbolism and mental suffering in the play, the rightful sovereign is a theme often overlooked by critics. The Tragedy of Macbeth is more than a personal, individual suffering and struggling; it is also a tragedy of a kingdom with hope in the end.
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