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Title: 後疫時代主題式 ETF 發展趨勢探討
Discussion on the Development Trend of Thematic ETF in the Post-epidemic era
Authors: 徐逸潔
Hsu, Yi-Chieh
Contributors: 謝明華
Hsieh, Ming-Hua
Hsu, Yi-Chieh
Keywords: 主題式投資
Thematic ETF
Thematic Investing
Post-epidemic era
Date: 2022
Issue Date: 2022-03-01 18:10:24 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 台灣近幾年在 ETF(Exchange Traded Funds)蓬勃發展,無論是在整體規模、受益 人數都成長迅速,對發行者來說,產品的創新設計及規劃是發行公司互相較勁的重點。 對於投資人來說,投資的選擇增加許多,對於新興商品的選擇,除了廣告媒體的推薦之外,如何在投資前是否能更清楚了解各類ETF的利與弊,亦是相當重要,繼Smart Beta ETF(因子投資)後,全球現在又出現新型態的「主題式 ETF」,被視為能對特 定趨勢提供精準而聚焦的投資方式,使得主題式ETF的規模在全球迅速崛起。
2020年1月新冠肺炎(COVID-19)爆發,接著擴散至全球,席捲而來的風暴影響了全球的政治、經濟、生活、以及心理,也使得人們更加關注於新型態的生活方式以及 未來的趨勢,這樣的概念也延伸到了投資趨勢,而「主題式投資」創造了一個趨勢型 的投資方式,自2018年後國內開始出現較多主題式ETF,疫情後因應生活變化更是增 加許多特定類型的主題式ETF,本研究透過國內、外的資料搜集以及文獻整理,探討 出對於台灣在未來主題式ETF可因應生活上所需要的新科技趨勢拓展商機,且亦建議 投資人在選擇主題式ETF上評估自身對於趨勢認同度並需留意趨勢變化。
In recent years, Taiwan has prospered in the development of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Both the overall scale and the number of beneficiaries have grown rapidly. For issuers, product for investors, investment options have noticeably increased. For the selection of emerging products, in addition to the recommendations of advertising media, it is critical to understand the pros and cons of various ETFs before investing. Following the Smart Beta ETF (Factor Investing), a new type of "Thematic ETF" is now popular worldwide, which is regarded as an investment method that can provide precise and focused investment on specific trends, causing the scale of thematic ETFs to grow rapidly around the world.
The COVID-19 pandemic emerged in January 2020 and quickly spread throughout the world. It disrupted global politics, economies, people’s lives, and mental health, as well as prompted people to consider new lifestyle options or opportunities for their future. This concept has also extended to investment trends, and "thematic investment" has created a trend-based investment method. Since 2018, the number of domestic thematic ETFs has gradually increased, as did the number of specific thematic ETFs, in order to adapt to life changes after the epidemic. This research has collected domestic and foreign data, as well as a literature review and document compilation, to discuss the business opportunities for Taiwan’s future thematic ETFs that can meet the needs of new technology trends in life. Furthermore, it provides suggestions that investors evaluate their recognition of the trend before choosing thematic ETFs and pay attention to trend changes.
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