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Title: 重試等候系統的通用解法
A Generalized Method for Retrial Queueing Systems
Authors: 葉新富
Yeh, Hsin-Fu
Contributors: 陸行
Luh, Hsing
Yeh, Hsin-Fu
Keywords: 重試等候系統
Retrial system
Truncated methods
Markov processes
Date: 2022
Issue Date: 2022-04-01 15:04:08 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 我們為不耐煩顧客之重試等候系統的平穩機率提供一個新的上界。如
We present a new upper bound of the stationary probability of retrial queueing systems with impatient customers. If the model satisfies some conditions, it gives a better upper bound. Furthermore, we can calculate the stationary probability with a finite matrix. Numerical experiments to verify the theorems are presented in the thesis. In addition, we propose a further generalization form of the theorem. Any model satisfying the condition could apply this theorem.
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Description: 碩士
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Data Type: thesis
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