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Title: 《漢書˙藝文志》的方技史圖象──從其學術立場與現實義涵的考察出發
Other Titles: The History of Fang-chi Revealed in Han-shu i-wen Chih
Authors: 金仕起
Date: 2004-11
Issue Date: 2008-12-18 10:08:03 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 這篇論文透過對《漢書》部次群書義例的分析,從其所反映的學術立場與現實義涵出發,旨在重建其中的古方技史圖象。研究發現,《漢志》以追求聖帝明王之治爲要的,具有兩項相關的重要基礎:一是可稱作「折中六藝」的學術立場,以辨章古今學術指意得失;一是可名爲「由道及器」的部次觀點,以條別古今學術淵源流雙。據此,《漢志》呈現的古方技史有幾項重要特征:一、方技與易《易傳》「生生」之義相爲表襯裡,相對於易之爲道、爲體、爲本、爲虛理,方技是器、是用、是末、是實事,故其圖書部次亦首尾相望;而方技四支從醫經到神倦的部提取物先後,則爲上述關系的縮影。二、方技源於古王官職守,其發展有太古、中世、漢興與今四期;古今方技從能夠「論病以及國,原診以知政」到「 技術晻昧」的轉變過程,和古代學術自週室既微以後不斷碎裂崩析,自秦火以下則缺發的整體趨勢相應。三、<方技略>各條敘錄的討論多本於六藝經傳,大體有漢代當世時時事爲其診斷背景,其發議對象以皇室成員爲主,目的在惰性王官古學、追求聖王郅治。要之,《漢志》雖志在述史,載明古方技圖書與知識流傳發展的客觀實況,但事實上則更近乎兩漢之交蠐向等彬彬文學之士基於救世致漢之旨,據尊奉六藝、孔學之見所給製的一幅古方技史圖象。鷔清上述事實,對吾人掌握《漢志•方技略》的歷史定位,及其在今日基方技史研究上之意義或有一定助益。
This study is both aimed to reconstruct the history of Fang-chi(方技)revealed in Han-shu i-wem-chih(漢書藝文志)and its contemporary socio-political implications. In order to display an ideal way for a wise ruler to be, there are two dominant assorting principles in Han-shu i-wem-chih which made the thousands of books into a historical and logical array. The first is the so-called “criterion of judgment based upon the Confucian Six Canons(折中六藝),” which help to summarize the theme, the origin and their derivatives of the different disciplines/books, so that the judgment of right/gain or wrong/lose could be made. And the second is the so-called “perspective of from Tao to Ch’i(由道及器),” which classify the different disciplines/books into ordered categories and a historical contexture. Accordingly, there are three key features of Fang-chi in Han-shu i-wem-chih: 1. Fang-chi as Ch’i, and I(易) as Tao are a reciprocal and complementary unity. Arid that’s why I is put in the first place of Han-shu i-wem-chih, relatively Fang-chi is at the last. 2. The history of Fang-chi is correlated to the deteriorating inclination of the whole intellectual history as a part of it from pre-Chin to Han period. 3. The comments made about Fang-chi in the Han-shu i-wem-chih, which mostly based upon the annotations or canons of Confucian works, were aimed to advise the members of the royal family and the contemporaries who practice Fang-chi in late pre-Han period for acquisition of the ideal rule and renovation of the classical scholarship. In sum, though Han-shu i-wem-chih is aimed to write a history, it is a historical work conceived from a Confucians’ stand.
Relation: 國立政治大學歷史學報, 22, 1-66
Data Type: article
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