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2012 Double Standard: The Role of Environmental Consciousness in Green Product Usage 林穎青; Lin, Ying-Ching; Chang, Chiu-Chi
2005-07 The driving forces for smoking among Taiwanese adolescents 張卿卿
2017-06 Dual screening use: Examining social predictors and impact on online and offline political participation among Taiwanese Internet users 林翠絹; Lin, Trisha T.C.; Chiang, Y
2017 Dual Screening: Examining Social Predictors and Impact on Online and Offline Political Participation Among Taiwanese Internet Users Lin, Trisha T.C.; Chiang, Yi-Hsuan; 林翠絹
2019-03 The Dual-mediation Effect of Perceived Accuracy and Perceived Connectedness on Consumer Attitude toward Social Network Advertising 林穎青; Lin, Ying-Ching; Chiu, Tao-Sheng; Wang, Kai-Yu; Chih, Wen-Hai; Ortiz, Jaime; Yang, Xiu-Hua
2010 DVD-ROM資料庫之敘事結構、觀點轉換分析:以迷城計劃「Bleeding Through Layers of Los Angeles:1920-1986」作品為例 劉佳惠; Liu,Chia Hui
1998-06 DVD的功能與發展現況 侯志欽
2020-10 Early development of 5G-enabled immersive media innovations in Taiwan 林翠絹; Lin, ‪Trisha T. C.
2000 East, west, communication, and theory: Searching for the meaning of searching for Asian communication theories 汪琪; Shen, Vincent; Wang, Georgette; Shen, Vincent
2019-03 Economic Freedom and Copyright Incentives: Innovative Technology and Licensing Reforms in the Mandarin Music Market 盧建誌; Lu, Chien-Chih
2014-09 Economic production quantity models for deteriorating items with up-stream full trade credit and down-stream partial trade credits. Chen, Sheng-Chih; Teng, Jinn-Tsair; Skouric, Konstantina; 陳聖智
2009-12 Editorial Wang, Georgette; 汪琪
2013-09 Editorial, Convergence in the Digital Age 劉幼琍; Liu, Yu-li
2013 Editorial: Convergence in the digital age 劉幼琍; Liu, Yu-Li
2014 Education and multimedia applications toward older adults: A humanistic interdisciplinary action study 陳聖智; Liu, Megan Fang; Chen, Sheng Chih; Tseng, W. C.
2004-04 The effect of new networks on U.S. TV diversity. Journal of Media Economics 林淑芳; McDonald, Daniel G.; Lin, Shu-Fang
2011-11 Effect of opponent type on moral emotions and responses to video game play 林淑芳; Lin, Shu-Fang
2000 The effect of personality differences on product evaluations 張卿卿
2009-11 Effective Science Communication: Public Perceptions and Media Representation 鄭怡卉; 曾耀寰
2002 Effectiveness of Ad Framing for Consumption Products 張卿卿
2012-04 The effectiveness of advertising that leverages sponsorship and cause-related marketing: A contingency model 張卿卿; Chang, Chingching
2012-03 Effectiveness of Consensus Information in Advertising: The Moderating Roles of Situational Factors and Individual Differences Chang, Chingching; 張卿卿
2009-01 Effectiveness of promotional premiums: The moderating role of affective state in different contexts Chang, Chingching; 張卿卿
2004 The effectiveness of retrospective and anticipatory self-referencing ads 張卿卿
2008 The Effectiveness of Using a Global Look in an Asian Market Chang, Chingching; 張卿卿

Showing items 401-425 of 7736. (310 Page(s) Totally)
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