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2009-07 PageRank下的資訊批判:新228事件回顧 吳筱玫
2009-01 PageRank下的資訊批判:新228事件回顧 吳筱玫; Wu, Hsiao-Mei
2011 A PAN Framework to Stimulate Creativity For Narrative Chang, Yun-Tai; Chen, Sheng-Chih; Li, Tsai-Yen
2011 Paradigm Shift and the Centrality of Communication Discipline WANG, GEORGETTE; 汪琪
2010 Partial Response Maximum Likelihood Sequence Detector for a Nonlinear Magnetic Recording Channel Kao, Tsai-Sheng; Chen, Chiu-Hsiung; Chen, Sheng-Chih; Hou, Sheng-Yun; Chang, Yuan-Chang; Chou, Xsing-Bang
2003 Party Bias in political advertising processing: results from an experiment involving the 1998 Taipei Mayor Election 張卿卿; Chang, Chingching
2002-08 Pattern of response to HIV transmission questions: Rethinking HIV knowledge and its relevance to AIDS prejudice Ting, Chi-Yin Lew; Hsu, Mei-Ling; 徐美苓
2012-07 PBL導向的智慧生活課程發展與融入數位內容教學設計研究 陳聖智; 尚漢鼎; 張永欽; 陳冠燁
2001-06 Pedagogy under construction: Learning to teach collaboratively 陳百齡; Chung, Deborah S.; Crane, Amanda; Hlavach, Laura
1999-08 Pedagogy under construction: Learning to teach collaboratively 陳百齡
2018-01 Perceived Affordances in Older People with Dementia: Designing Intuitive Product Interfaces 鄭霈絨; Cheng, Pei-Jung; Chen, Li-Hao*; Liu, Yi-Chien
2018-06 Perceived bias in immigration news coverage and active control of detectable prejudice 韓義興; Han1, Yi-Hsing
2014 Perceived characteristics, perceived popularity, and playfulness: Youth adoption of mobile instant messaging in China 林翠絹; Lin, T. T. C.
2015 Perceived Issue Importance, Information Processing, and Third-Person Effect of News about the Imported U.S. Beef Controversy Lo, Ven-hwei; Wei, Ran; Lu, Hung-Yi; Hou, Hsin-Ya; 侯心雅
2018-08 Perceived message consistency: Explicating how brand messages being processed across multiple online media 張郁敏; Chang, Yuhmiin
2008 The perceived role of ICTs in quality of life in three Chinese cities 羅文輝; Lee,Paul S. N.; Leung,Louis; Lo,Venhwei; Xiong,Chengyu
2013-10 Perception of spokespersons' performance and characteristics in crisis communication: Experience of the 2003 severe acute respiratory syndrome outbreak in taiwan Lyu, S.-Y.; Chen, R.-Y.; Wang, Shih fan Steve; Weng, Y.-L.; Peng, E.Y.C.; Lee, M.-B.; 王石番
2001-03 Perceptions and use of condom among adult population in Taiwan 徐美苓; 丁志音; Lew-Ting
2006 Perceptual differences in assessing the harms of patronizing adult entertainment clubs 羅文輝; 魏然
2002-08 Performance Measures of Public Relations: An Integrated Model 黃懿慧
2019 The Performing Writing: Some Reflections on the Writings of Ch’i in the Contemporary Dance 謝杰廷; Hsieh, Chieh-ting
2018 Permanently online and permanently connected: Taiwanese university students’ attachment style, mobile phone usage, and well-being 林日璇; Lin, Jih-Hsuan Tammy
2000-07 The personal influence model and gao guanxi in Taiwan Chinese public relations 黃懿慧
1989-04 Personal Interaction and Political Tolerance 王石番
2005-01 Personal Values, Advertising, and Smoking Motivation in Taiwanese Adolescents Chang, Chingching; 張卿卿

Showing items 976-1000 of 7765. (311 Page(s) Totally)
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