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2009-09 The Embodiment of Interaction with Digital Media:The Case of WⅡ 鍾蔚文
2013-10 The emergence of “star disaster-affected areas” and its implications to disaster and communication interdisciplinary studies: A Taiwan example from Typhoon Morakot 許瓊文; Hsu, Chiung-wen
2011-07 Emotion Regulation and Uncertainty Reduction of Middle School Online Gamers HUANG, Vivian W.; 黃葳威
2005-12 An empirical investigation of the interaction between publicity, advertising, and previous brand attitude and knowledge 張郁敏; Chang, Yuhmiin
1997 Empirical Study on Human Resources Management of International Joint Ventures 祝鳳岡
2006-05 Encouraging New Service vs. Regulatory Parity: A Dilemma of CHT's IPTV Service in Taiwan 劉幼琍
2015 Endorsements move students to choose candidate Wei, Ran1 wei; Lo, Ven-hwei; Chang, Chingching; 張卿卿
1987 ENG攝錄影實務 陳清河; Chen, Ching-Ho
2005-10 Enhancing self-consciousness: Implications for the Effectiveness of Ad Appeals 張卿卿
2006 Enhancing self-consciousness: Implicatoins for the effectiveness of ad appeals Chang, Chingching; 張卿卿
2011-03 Enhancing Self-Referencing to Health Messages: Implications for Public Health Campaigns Chang, Chingching; 張卿卿
2009 Enhancing the Effectiveness of Anti-Smoking Messages via Self-Congruent Appeals Chang, Chingching; 張卿卿
2007-07 Enhancing the effectivness of anti-smoking messages via self-congruent appeals 張卿卿
2005 Erratum: &quot;Crisis communicative strategies in Taiwan: Category, continuum, and cultural implication&quot; (Public Relations Review (2005) vol. 31 (229-238) 10.1016/j.pubrev.02.016) Huang, Y.-H.; Lin, Y.-H.; Su, S.-H.; 黃懿慧; 林穎萱
1991 The Essence of Instructional Television Management-A Tankang Experence 關尚仁
2003-11 Establishing an Evaluative Scheme for HIV/AIDS Campaigns in Taiwan: Bridging the Gap between Public Health Authority and Social Scientific Research 徐美苓
2008-07 Establishing an evaluative scheme for public health campaigns: A case of women and HIV/AIDS in Taiwan 徐美苓
2012-12 Establishing the structure of interactive touch advance organizer for School-age Children Huang, Hsinfu; 鄭霈絨; Pei-JungCheng; Hu, Hui-Jiun
2005-07 Ethical Attitudes and Perceived Practice: A Comparative Study of Journalists in China Hong Kong and Taiwan 羅文輝; Chan, Joseph Man; Pan, Zhongdang
2004 Ethical attitudes and perception: A comparative study of journalists in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Lo, Ven-hwei, Chan, J., & Pan, Z.
2008-11 Ethical Considerations for Health Messages: Assessing TARES Dimensions in Antismoking Ads. 鄭怡卉
2002-09 Ethical Issues in Communication , Collaboration, and Digitalization 謝瀛春
2002-07 Ethical Issues in Communication , Collaboration, and Digitalization 謝瀛春
2008-08 Ethical Leadership in Public Relations: Roles, Dimensions and Knowledge Transfer 鄭怡卉
2007 Ethical risk perception of freebies and effects on journalists’ ethical reasoning Ven-hwei, Lo; Ran, Wei; 羅文輝

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