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2008 Ethical risk perception of freebies and effects on journalists’ ethical reasoning Lo, Ven-hwei; Ran Wei; 羅文輝; 魏然
2012-08 Ethics Management in Public Relations: Practitioner Conceptualizations of Ethical Leadership, Knowledge, Training and Compliance Lee, Seow Ting; Cheng, I-Huei; 鄭怡卉
2008-08 Ethics of Antismoking PSAs 鄭怡卉
2008-07 Evaluating the news coverage of dioxin-related risks in Taiwan: Quality and barriers 徐美苓
2006 Evolution from Foods Products to Services Products in T-commerce :A Case Study of Eastern Home Shopping Network in Taiwan 祝鳳岡
2018-07 Evolution in Copyright and Licensing Models: Snapshot from the U.S. and Mandarin Music Markets 盧建誌; Lu, Chien-Chih
1996 Examiming the Consumer Styles and the Media Use Patterns of the People on Taiwan 郭貞
2018-05 Examining factors influencing smartphone addiction among organizational workers in China 林翠絹; Lin, T, T. C.; Li, L.
2016 Examining how communication and knowledge relate to Singaporean youth's perceived risk of haze and intentions to take preventive behaviors 林翠絹; Lin, T. T. C.
2018 Examining how dependence on smartphones at work relates to Chinese employees’ workplace social capital, job performance, and smartphone addiction. 林翠絹; Li, Li; Lin, Trisha T C
2010-06 Examining Parents’Internet Literacy in Taiwan 黃葳威
2009-08 Examining the Effects of Interactivity in Internet Pornography on Adolescent Sexual Attitudes and Behavior. Lo, Ven-hwei, Wei, R. & Wu, S. M.
2009 Examining the First, Second and Third Person Effects of Internet Pornography on Taiwanese Adolescents: Implications for the Restriction of Pornography 羅文輝; Lo, Ven-hwei; Wei, R.; Wu S.M.
2009-04 Examining the first, second and third person effects of Internet pornography on Taiwanese adolescents: Implications for the restriction of pornography 吳筱玫; Lo,Ven-Hwei; Wei, Ran; Wu, Hsiaomei
2009-05 Examining the Perceptual Gap and Behavioral Outcomes in the Perceived Effects of Polling News in the 2008 Taiwan Presidential Election. Lo, Ven-hwei, Wei, R. & Lu, H. Y.; 羅文輝
2010-03 Examining the presentation of self in popular blogs: A cultural perspective 陳憶寧; Chen, Yi-Ning
2016 Examining Weibo posting anxiety among well-educated youth in China: A qualitative approach 林翠絹; Li, L.; Lin, T. T. C.
2006-07 Exception Proved to be a Rule:how Taiwan's audio-visual interests fall prey to transnational capitals and its future 馮建三
1992-07 The Exchange Between the Two Sides of the Taiwan Straits: A Telecommunication Perspective 彭芸
2003 Expectancy-values and Perceived Attributes of Internet Shopping As Determinants of Online Shopping and Non-shopping Behaviors 魏然; 羅文輝
2011 An experimental policy-making project for promoting emerging industries: A case study of the “Vision 2025 project” in Taiwan Chen, Yi-Wen; Chen, Sheng-Chih
2017-09 Experimenting with the Dialogical Relationship between Live-action and Animation 林玲遠; Lin, Ling-Yuan
2014-09 An Exploration of National Palace Museum's Incorporating Creative and Cultural Industry into Chinese Language Teaching 陳聖智; 孫劍秋; Chen, Sheng-Chih; Sun, Chien-Chiu
2009 An exploration of the standardization of targeting strategies and the use of promotional disciplines on the web: A cross-national study Chang, Yuhmiin; 張郁敏
2004-07 An Exploratory Study of An Emerging Businesson the Internet:Online Fortune Telling and Horoscope Reading 郭貞

Showing items 476-500 of 7736. (310 Page(s) Totally)
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