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2011-10 Factors influencing information-seeking intentions and support for restrictions: A study on an arsenic-contaminated frying oil event Lu, H.-Y.; Dzwo, T.-H.; Hou, Hsin-Ya; Andrews, J.E.; 侯心雅
2010 Factors influencing intentions to take precautions to avoid consuming food containing dairy products: Expanding the theory of planned behaviour Lu, H.-Y.; Hou, HsinYa; 侯心雅
2016 FairyBox:具個人化空間設置能力的桌上型智慧容器 廖云瑄; Liao, Yun-Hsuan
2019-01 Fake news during natural disaster: Information flow, news practices and fact-checking in Indonesia 林翠絹; Lin, T. T. C.; Kwanda, F
2020-05 Fake news practices in Indonesian newsrooms during and after the Palu earthquake: A Hierarchy-of-Influences approach 林翠絹; Lin, T. T. C.; Kwanda, F.
2015-03 Fake Stuff: China and the Rise of Counterfeit Goods 林怡潔; Lin, Yi-Chieh
1998-07 Familiar values and the uses of media technologies across cultural boundaries 孫曼蘋
1983 Family Communication Patterns, Media Exposure and Delinquency 彭芸
1999-08 Fault Diameter for Supercubes 許志堅; SHEU, JYH-JIAN; HSU, LIH-HSING
1966-11 Fear arousal, efficacy, and imminency Chu, Godwin C.; 朱謙
2017-07 Fear in Virtual Reality (VR): Fear elements, coping reactions, immediate and next-day fright responses toward a survival horror zombie virtual reality game Lin, Jih-Hsuan Tammy; 林日璇
2011-12 Feeling Ambivalent about Going Green: Implications for Green Advertising Processing Chang, Chingching; 張卿卿
2004-12 Feelings of Belonging: The Identity Problem of Taiwanese Businesspersons in Globalizing Shanghei 方孝謙
1997-10 Fei Xiaotong's Theory of Rural Development and Its Application: A Critical Appraisal 方孝謙
2008 The Female Images in the Print Advertisements during Japanese Occupation of Taiwan 孫秀蕙
2010-10 The female images in the print advertisements during Japanese Occupation of Taiwan: A pictorial semiotic analysis Sun, Hsiu-Hui; Chen, I-fen; 孫秀蕙; 陳儀芬
2014-12 Female media use behavior and agreement with publicly promoted agenda-specific health messages Lyu, S.-Y.; Chen, R.-Y.; Tsai, L.-T.; Wang, Shih fan Steve; Lo, F.-E.; Chi, Y.-C.; Morisky, D.E.; 王石番
2005-02 The Festive Machine: Taiwan's 2004 Political Elections as Cultural Phenomena 柯裕棻
2005-02 The Festive Machine: Taiwan's 2004 Political Elections as Cultural Phenomena 柯裕棻
2015-06 Fighting for Our Communication Rights: Civic Engagement in Media Activism over the Last Decade 劉昌德; Liu, Chang-De
2015 Fighting for Press Freedom: Korean Journalist Organizations and Their Struggles 劉昌德; Liu, Chang-de; 田育志; Tian, Yu-Jhih
2018 Figuration under the Forces: On the Rhythm in the Chinese Traditional Music 謝杰廷; Hsieh, Chieh-ting
2018 Figure of Force: The Concept and (Non-)Notation of Rhythm in the Chinese Traditional Nan-kuan Music 謝杰廷; Hsieh, Chieh-ting
2001 Films Under the Wings of B-52: the past present,and future of Taiwan cinema 盧非易
2002 Films Well Made and Kept in Taiwan 盧非易

Showing items 551-575 of 7776. (312 Page(s) Totally)
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