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2001 The impact of emotion elicited by political advertising on candidate evaluations Chang, Chingching; 張卿卿
1999 The impact of market mavenism and shopping orientation on the consumer's use of the Web catalogs and retail stores as shopping and buying channels 郭貞
1999 The impact of negative political advertising: A review 張卿卿
2015-06 The Impact of Newly-Emerging Media on Traditional Media Platforms in Taiwan: A Co-opetition Perspective 劉幼琍
1999 The impact of perceived channel utilitise shopping orientations and demographics on the consumer's online buying behavior 郭貞; 李海容; Martha Russel
2002-08 The Impact of Public Relations Effectiveness on Organizational Effectiveness: A Case Study in Taiwan 黃懿慧
1998 The Impact of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 on the Merger of RBOCs and MSOs: Case Study: The Merger of US West and Continental Cablevision 曾國峰; Tseng, Kuo-Feng
2020-08 Impacts of Attitudes Toward Government and Corporations on Public Trust in Artificial Intelligence 陳憶寧; Chen, Yi-Ning Katherine; Wen, Chia-Ho Ryan
1998 The impacts of emotion elicited by print political advertising on candidate evaluation 張卿卿
2006-06 The impacts of internet upon Chinese immigrants’ family communication 黃葳威; Huang, Wei-wei
1999 The Impacts of News Frames and Ad Types on Candidate Perception and Political Cynicism during the 1998 Taipei Mayoral Election in Taiwan 張卿卿
2010-07 Impacts of perceptual disparity and information source diversity on climate change support and personal actions in Taiwan Mei-Ling Hsu; Yie-Jing Yang
2017-03 The Impacts of political socialization on people’s online and offline political participation—Taking the youth of Singapore as an example 林翠絹; Hong, Yahhuei; Lin, Trisha T. C.
2007 Impetus for Worship: An Exploratory Study of Adolescents' Idol Adoration Behaviors 林穎青; 林建信; Lin, Ying-Ching; Lin, Chien-Hsin
1991 Implications of Instructional systems design(ISD)in distance education-An IOU model 吳翠珍
2005-07 Implications of weblog communication: A deconstruction perspective 吳筱玫
2005-07 Implications of weblog communication: A deconstruction perspective 吳筱玫
2018-05 Impression Management and Beyond: Exploring Why Young Consumers Like, Share, and Comment on Facebook Advertising 張郁敏; Chang, Yuhmiin
2004-07 In search for journalism: Fusions, erosions, and contestation—Journalism research in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong 羅文輝; Chan J.; Pan Z.
2015 In-between Korean Wave and Post-Korean Wave NOH, Hae-rang; 盧開朗
2014 Inaccuracy in Health Research News: A Typology and Predictions of Scientists’ Perceptions of the Accuracy of Research News 張卿卿; Chang, Ching-Ching
2006-07 Increasing mental health literacy via narrative advertising 張卿卿
2008 Increasing mental health literacy via narrative advertising Chang, Chingching; 張卿卿
1990-07 Indigenizing Foreign Culture: the Case of Taiwan 臧國仁; 汪琪
1990-05 Indigenizing Foreign Culture:The Case of Taiwan 臧國仁; 汪琪

Showing items 676-700 of 7751. (311 Page(s) Totally)
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