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2014-01 Preferred Argument Structure in Mandarin Child-directed Speech 黃瓊之
1993 The Presentational Format in Telecourses of School of the Air:A Content Analysis Study 關尚仁
2004-09 Press Coverage of Post-Presidential Election Turmoil: Not Yet Hate Speech, But Reinforcing Resentments 方念萱; 馮建三
2001 Press Freedom in China: Darkness before the Dawn? 朱立; Chu, Leonardo
2008-05 Press Freedom, DPP Government and the Intellectuals 馮建三
2020 Press Systems, Freedom of the Press and Credibility: A Comparative Analysis of Mobile News in Four Asian Cities 陳憶寧; Chen, Yi-NIng Katherine; Wei, Ran; Lo, Van-Hwei; Tandoc, Edson; Zhang, Gouliang
2019-05 Press systems, freedom of the press and credibility: A comparative analysis of mobile news in four Asian cities. 陳憶寧; Chen, Y.N. Katherine; Wei, R; Lo, V.H.; Tandoc, E.; Zhang, G.L.
2004 Priming and Framing Effects: A Comparison of the 1991 Gulf War and the 2003 Iraq War 張卿卿; Chang C.; Lo. V
2004-08 Priming and framing effects: A comparison of the 1991 Gulf War and the 2003 Iraq War Chang Ching-ching; 羅文輝
2006-10 Privacy concerns, privacy practices and web site categories: Toward a situational paradigm 許瓊文; Hsu, Chiung‐Wen
2007 Privacy or performance matters on the Internet: Revisiting privacy toward a situational paradigm? 許瓊文
1997 Privatization and commercialization of the Western‐European and South‐East Asian broadcasting media Wang, Georgette; 汪琪
1997 Problems and Challenges for Communication Research 朱立; 潘忠黨; 陳韜文; Chu, Leonardo; Pan, Zhong-Dang; Chan, Joseph M
2011-04 Procedural animation for glove puppet show Lin, Chih-Chung; 林志忠; Li, Tsai-Yen; 李蔡彥; Hou, Gee-Chin; 侯志欽
2001 Processing advertising in a competitive context 張卿卿
1993-08 Processing complex information: What are the cognitive units and how are they related? 孫式文; Al-Menayes, Jamal J.; Sun, Se-Wen
2015 Professional intervention and organizational incorporation: examining journalistic use of microblogs in two Chinese newsrooms 林翠絹; Cui, D.; Lin, T. T. C.
2010-06 The Profile of Communication Research in Taiwan Weng, Shieu-chi
1982-12 The Promotion of Cultural Exchange through Communication 漆敬堯
2002 The propaganda model: A test of human rights reporting in the New York Times Thomas Jacobson; 方念萱; William Raffel
2012-01 Prospect of mobile broadcasting TV in China: Socio-technical analysis of CMMB development 林翠絹; Lin, Trisha T.C.
2012 Prospect of mobile TV broadcasting in China: socio-technical analysis of CMMB's development 林翠絹; Lin, T. T. C.
2003-08 PRSA: Scale Development for Exploring the Cross-Cultural Impetus of Public Relations Strategies 黃懿慧
2003-06 PRSA: Scale development for exploring the cross-cultural impetus of public relations strategies 黃懿慧
2009-02 Psychological Motives vs. Health Concerns: Predicting Smoking Attitudes and Promoting Anti-Smoking Attitudes Chang, Chingching; 張卿卿

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