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2002 Restructuring the TV Industry in Taiwan 劉幼琍
2014-09 Retailer’s economic order quantity when the supplier offers conditionally permissible delay in payments link to order quantity. 陳聖智; Chen, Sheng-Chih; Cárdenas-Barrón, Leopoldo Eduardo; Teng, Jinn-Tsair
2014-01 Retailer’s optimal ordering policy for deteriorating items with maximum lifetime under supplier’s trade credit financing Chen, Sheng-Chih; Teng, Jinn-Tsair; 陳聖智
2005 Rethinking Mass Media and Interpersonal Communication 黃葳威
2013-04 Rethinking Taiwan’s Universal Service Policy in the Broadband Environment. 劉幼琍; Liu, Yu-li; Wu, Pin-yen
2011 Retrieval of Motion Capture Data Aids Efficient Digital Learning Chen, Sheng-Chih; Kao, Tsai-Sheng; Chen, Wei-Kuang; Hsu, Jui-I
1998 Retrieving Taiwan Cinema: the Database of Taiwan Cinema 盧非易
2009 Review of individual economies: Taiwan Liu, Yu-li; Wang, Eunice Hsiao-hui; 劉幼琍
2008-08 Revisiting interpersonal media competition: The gratification niches of instant messaging, email, and the telephone. 林淑芳; Ramirez, Jr., A.; Dimmick, J.; Feaster, J.; Lin, Shu-Fang; Lin, Shu-Fang
2004-03 Revisiting the Communicative Response Model: Crisis Situations Communication Strategies and Media Effectiveness 黃懿慧
2019-01 Revisiting the effect of exposure to heterogeneous perspectives on political participation: The moderating role of approval for algorithmic curation 林芝璇; Lin, Jhih-Syuan
2017-08 Revisiting the privacy paradox: Exploring the mediating effect of privacy management and self-disclosure on social capital 韓義興; Han1, Yi-Hsing; Johnson, T
2002-08 The right of acceess to mass media for deaf citizens in Taiwan . The right of acceess to mass media for deaf citizens in Taiwan 黃葳威
2016-05 The Rights and Wrongs of Media Multitasking: Social Well-Being, Social Capital, Peer Acceptance, and Social Success Perspectives 陳憶寧; CHEN, Yi-Ning Katherine
2008-11 Risk communication strategies in the dioxin crises in Taiwan 徐美苓
2018-01 Risk perception, human values, issue communication and behavioral intention for air pollution prevention and control among Taiwanese adults 徐美苓; Hsu, Mei-Ling
2015-02 A role for the self: Media content as triggers for involuntary autobiographical memories 林淑芳; McDonald, D. G.; Sarge, M. A.; Lin, S.-F.; Collier, J. G.; Potocki, B.; Lin, Shu-Fang
2015-03 The role of attachment style in Facebook use and social capital: Evidence from university students and a national sample 林日璇; Lin, Jih-Hsuan
2004 The Role of Clients in the Public Relations Campaigns Course 鄭怡卉; Benigni, Vince; Cheng, I-Huei
2002-12 The role of internet in attributional confidence and adaptation: taking Chinese immigrants in Richmond Surrey and Vancouver as an example 黃葳威
2005-07 the role of internet in undertainty reduction and adaptation: taking Chinese immigrants in Austin , Texas as an example 黃葳威
2000 The role of self in processing advertising messages--An exploration of gender schema 張卿卿
2006 The Role of Spiritual Health Locus of Control in Breast Cancer Information Processing between African American and Caucasian Women 鄭怡卉; Leshner, Glenn; Cheng, I-Huei; Song, Hyun Joo
2010 The role of the Internet on Taiwan’s civil movements: its contributions and side effects 許瓊文
2009-01 Roles of Referring-Sketching Action for the Design Ideation 鄭霈絨; Cheng, Pei-Jung; Yen, Jen

Showing items 1101-1125 of 7736. (310 Page(s) Totally)
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