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2002-03 Third-person effect, gender and support for Restriction of pornography on the Internet 羅文輝; 魏然
2008-01 Third-person effects of health news: Exploring the relationship among media exposure, presumed media influence and behavioral intentions 羅文輝
2007 The third-person effects of political attack ads in the 2004 U S presidential election 羅文輝; 魏然
2005-08 The Third-Person Effects of Political Attack Ads in the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election 羅文輝; 魏然
2007 The third-person effects of political attack ads in the 2004 U.S. presidential election Wei, R.; Lo, Ven-Hwei; 羅文輝
1998-08 The third-person perception and support for restriction of pornography: Some methodological problems 羅文輝; Anna R. Paddon
2007-03 This isn''t real! Spatialized narration and (in)visible special effects in Double Vision 陳儒修; Chen, Ru-Shou
1998-07 Three Hebei Townships under State-Endorsed Rural Reform Pilot Project 方孝謙
2011-01 Three-screen TV and One Cloud: Regulatory Issues in Taiwan 劉幼琍; Liu, Yu-li
2013 To app or not to app: Engaging consumers via branded mobile apps 林芝璇; Kim, Eunice; Lin, Jhih-Syuan; Sung, Yongjun
2019-07 To Be Beautiful and More: Exploring Digital-mediated Beauty Value, and Praise/Prosecution System Behind 黃宣萓; Huang, Hsuan-I
2011-07 To create a digital community communication model in a risky society: A case study of an indigenous community in Taiwan 孫曼蘋
2006 To do or not to do? The exploratory study on Internet researchers’ concerns of ethics in Taiwan 方念萱
1989 To know is to what? Media influences on knowing and feeling in the 1988 election campaign 孫式文
2010 To Westernize or not that's NOT the question Chung, Wei-Wen; 鍾蔚文
2015-02 Tonal Change Induced by Language Attrition and Phonetic Similarity in Hai-lu Hakka 葉嘉炘; Lin, Yen-Hwei
2018-01 Tonal Confusion Between High-Falling Tone and Low-Falling Tone in Hai-lu Hakka 葉嘉炘; Lin, Yen-Hwei
2003-05 Toward a Cross-Cultural Theoretical Framework of Organization-Public Relations and Boundaries 黃懿慧; Huang, Yi-Hui
1989-04 Toward A System Approach to International News Communication Research:A Quest For Shifting The Research Paradigms and Moving Beyond the New International Information Order Debate 臧國仁
2015 Towards an understanding of intention to use mobile videos: Impression management, perceived facilitation, and social norms 林翠絹; Lin, T. T. C.
2003-05 Towards Factors Contributing to Integrative Conflict Resolution: A Cross-Cultural Perspective 黃懿慧
2017 Trace of Force: Lin Hwai-min’s Water Stains on the Wall 謝杰廷
2020-01 Transnationality, expectant motherhood, and the city: visualizing birth tourism on social media 康庭瑜; Kang, Ting-Yu
2011-10 Travel narrative and lifestory: A theoretical proposal from the communication perspective Tsang, Kuo Jen; Tsai, Yean; 臧國仁; 蔡琰
1994 Treading different paths : informatization in Asian nations 汪琪; Wang, Georgette

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