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2018 《A Barbie》VR 創作論述 顏秉盈; Yen, Ping-Ying
2009-07 Battling Rumors on the Internet? An Analysis of Rhetorical Patterns of Using “the Female” as a Sign in the Internet Rumors of ETTV’s Website “ETRumors 孫秀蕙
2009-01 Bazin at Work: The Concept of Realism in Chinese-language Films 陳儒修
2010-03 Bazin at work: the concept of realism in Chinese-language films Chen, Ru-Shou Robert; 陳儒修
2012-03-14 BBC 一年大賺2000億的創匯奇技:公視要在華人世界更有企圖心 馮建三
2006-03 Beating the news blues: Mood repair through exposure to advertising Chang, Chingching; 張卿卿
2019-01 Because Jimmy Kimmel wants to know: Motivations for watching game streaming as predictors of viewing time and enjoyment 林日璇; Lin, Jih-Hsuan
2015 Before–after appeals: a dual-route effect model Chang, Chingching; 張卿卿
1997 The Beginning of a New Era: Privatization of Telecommunications in Taiwan 汪琪; 曾繁藤; Wang, Georgette; Tseng, Fan-Tung
2016-08 Behavioral Recommendations in Health Research News as Cues to Action:Self-Relevancy and Self-Efficacy Processes 張卿卿; Chang, Chingching
2009 Being Hooked by Editorial Content: The Implications for Processing Narrative Advertising 張卿卿
2008-06 Being in the Emptiness: on the Visual Phantasmagoria in Tsai Ming Liang's Taipei 陳儒修
2010 Beyond de-westernizing communication research: An introduction Wang, Georgette; 汪琪
1997 Beyond media globalization: A look at cultural integrity from a policy perspective 汪琪; Wang, Georgette
2015 Big data in communication studies: A systematic review 林翠絹; Chiang, Y.; Lin, T. T. C.
2015-01 Big data in communication studies: A systematic review 林翠絹
2018-05 Big data, the Internet of things, and the interconnected society 劉幼琍; Liu, Yu-li; Chou, Yuntsai Jessica
2013 Bitch-Style男街舞舞者的妖、騷、婊-其舞蹈實踐、跨性別展演與自我 林青儀
2015-04 BlindNavi: A Navigation App for the Visually Impaired Smartphone User Lin, Yi-Ying; Wang, I-Fang
2007 Blog社群使用者資訊尋求及知識分享影響因素 曾佩珊
2007-10 Blurring the Line between Advertising and Editorial: The Content and Effectiveness of Advertorials Chang, Chingching; 張卿卿
2016 Book information: Annual report on media freedom in Taiwan, Association of Taiwan Journalists 劉昌德; Liu, Chang-De
2010-04 Book review: Jennifer Deger: Shimmering Screens: Making Media in an Aboriginal Community Sun, Mine-Ping; 孫曼蘋
2017-06 [Book Reviews] FAKED IN CHINA: Nation Branding, Counterfeit Culture, and Globalization Lin, Yi-Chieh Jessica; 林怡潔
2013-07 [Book Review], Environmental Law Adjudicating Climate Change: State,National, and International Approaches edited by William C.G. BURNS and Hari M. OSOFSKY. 許耀明; HSU, Yao-Ming

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