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2005-02 Budget Based QoS Management Infrastructure for All-IP Networks 連耀南; 張宏慶; 蔡子傑; 陸行
2005-02 Budget Based QoS Management Infrastructure for All-IP Networks Yao-Nan Lien; Hung-Ching Jang; 蔡子傑; Hsing Luh
2017-03 Buffering and Direct Effect of Posttraumatic Growth in Predicting Distress Following Cancer. 許文耀; Carver, Charles S.; Wang, Ashley Wei-Ting; Chang, Cheng-Shyong; Chen, Shou-Tung; Chen, Dar-Ren; Fan, Fang
2008-11 Building a Context-Aware Experimental Platform for Smart Interactive TV – SITV 李蔡彥
2001 Building a Personalized Information Broadcasting System 廖文宏; 邱彥中; 劉宏浩
1999-07 Building a QoS Agent-Based Service System for Mobile Computing 張宏慶; Jyh-Shyan Huang
2001-11 Building an Incremental Learning Motion Planner with RRTs Y.C. Shie; 李蔡彥
2008-03 Building Customer-based Online Brand Equity 錢玉芬
2005-09 Building Digital Heritage with Team Work Empowerment 劉吉軒; Tze-Kai Huang; Mu-Hsi Tseng
2010 Building Hand Motion-Based Character Animation: The Case of Puppetry Li, Tsai-yen; 李蔡彥; Luo, Zhiqiang; Lin, Chih-Chung; Yeo, Song Huat; Chen, I-Ming
2011-05 Building the three-Group Causal Pathin the VAR Model 吳柏林; Wu,Berlin
2012 Business opportunity: The weak-tie roaming among tribes Hong, C.-F.; Lin, Mu-Hua; Yang, Hsiao-Fang
2006-06 CAC and Packet Scheduling Using Token Bucket for IEEE 802.16 Networks 蔡子傑; Tsai,Tzu-Chieh; Chuang-Yin Wang; Chi-Hong Jiang
2019-11 The CAFA challenge reports improved protein function prediction and new functional annotations for hundreds of genes through experimental screens 張家銘; Chang, Jia-Ming; organization, CAFA3
1999 Calculation for a Cu(001) Surface with an Impurity Atom. 楊志開; Yang,Chih-Kai
1998 Calculation of Cu(001) and Its Computation Efficiency 楊志開; Yang,Chih-Kai
1995-04 Calculation of Impurity States in ZnO Using Recursive Green''s Function 楊志開; Yang, Chih-Kai; IVu3, S. Y.; Dy, Kian S.; Wu, S. Y.; Yang, Chih-Iiai
1997-02 The Calculation of Surface States in Real Space and An Application to Fe(OO1) 楊志開; Yang, Chih-Kai; Cheng, Yi-Chen; Wu, Shi-Yu
2004 Calculations of electronic structure of Ge44Mn2Ba8 and Ge42Mn4Ba8 clathrates 楊志開; Yang,Chih-Kai; Zhao,Jijun; Lu,Jian Ping
2011 Calorimetric studies of C14 and C15 YMn2 and YMn2(H,D)6 陳洋元; Liu,R. S.; Kuo,H. T.; S. M. Filipek; R. Wierzbicki; R. Sato; Chen,Y. Y.
2014-07 Camera Motion Graphs 李蔡彥; C. Sanokho; C. Desoche; B. Merabti; Li,Tsai-Yen; M. Christie
1996 Can behavioral performances in the radial arm maze be attributed to distinct memory processes? 廖瑞銘; Lai W.S.
2011 Can DCCP Replace UDP in Changing Network Conditions? Lien, Yao-nan; Ding, Yu-Chi; 連耀南
2018-01 Can fractal analysis on heart rate variability reflect physiological causes for cardiorespiratory interaction? 蕭又新; Shiau, Yuo-Hsien
2019-09 Can knowledge of election results change recall of our predictions? Neural correlates of political hindsight bias 顏乃欣; Yen, Nai-Shing; 陳尹華; Chen, Yin-Hua; 鄭旭博; Cheng, Hsu-Po; 盧毓文; Lu, Yu-Wen; Northoff, Georg; Lee, Pei-Hong

Showing items 401-425 of 7723. (309 Page(s) Totally)
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