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2012 Dynamic selection of activation targets to boost the influence spread in social networks Li, C.-T.; Shan, Man-Kwan; Lin, Shou-De; 沈錳坤; 林守德
2011 Dynamic skylines considering range queries Wang, W.-C.; Wang, E.T.; Chen, Arbee L. P.; 陳良弼
2017-06 Dysfunctional Sleep Belief in Cancer-Related Insomnia 楊建銘; Yang, C. M.; Hsiao, L.Y.; Tu, Y.T.; Hsu, X.Y.; Lee, X.C.; Lin, P.X.
2007-06 Dysfunctional sleep cognition and vulnerability to stress-related sleep disturbance Chen, J.; Chou, C.; Yang, C. M.; 楊建銘
2002 E<sub>m</sub>/E<sub>k</sub>/1的輸出過程 李原旭
2019-06 Early Detecting In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Based on Machine Learning on Imbalanced Data 邱淑怡; Chiu, Shu-i; Chang, Hsiao-Ko; Liu, Ji-Han; Lim, Wee Shin; Wang, Hui-Chih; Jang, Jyh-Shing Roger
2006 The Early Extraction of Sublexical Phonology in Reading Chinese Pseudocharacters: An Event-related Potentials Study 李佳穎; Lee,Chia-Ying; 蔡介立; Tsai,Jie-Li; 丘雨勤; Chiu,Tu-Chin; 曾志朗; Tzeng,Ovid J.L.; 洪蘭; Hung,Daisy L.
Early Neurodevelopmental Trajectory Patterns for Autism Spectrum Disorder in Very Preterm-birth Children 姜忠信; Chiang, Chung-Hsin; Chen, Li-Wen; Wang, Shan-Tair; Wang, Lan-Wan; Kao, Yu-Chia; Chu, Ching-Lin; Wu, Chin-Chin; Hsieh, Yi-Ting; Huang, Chao-Ching
2009-05 Early parafoveal processing in reading Chinese sentences 蔡介立; Tsai,Jie-Li; Yen,Miao-Hsuan; Ralph Radach; Tzeng,Ovid J.-L.; Hung,Daisy L.
2015-11 Early treatment response predicted subsequent clinical response in patients with schizophrenia taking paliperidone extended-release Yeh, En-Chi; Huang, Ming-Chyi; Tsai, Chang-Jer; Chen, Chun-Tse; Chen, Kuan-Yu; Chiu, Chih-Chiang; 蔡長哲
2008 Eclipse外掛程式超模型之設計與相關工具開發 陳正佳
2005-02 Economic-Oriented QoS Support on Differentiaed Service Networks 蔡子傑; Shih-Fa Li
2018 ECQV自簽名憑證及其延伸應用之研究 蘇勤文; Su, Ching-Wen
2000-11 An educational application of integrated route information service on the Internet 劉昭麟
2012-06 Effect of 10-min light exposure on subsequent sleep during brief awakening in the middle of night Chiang, Y.; Chen, A. J.; Chen, Y. T.; Yang, C. M.; 楊建銘; Lu, C.; Tu, H.
2004-06 The effect of 24-hour sleep deprivation on startle responses associated with emotion-provoking pictures Lin, C.; Yang, C.; 楊建銘
2001-01 The effect of a delayed weekend sleep pattern on sleep and morning functioning Yang,Chien-Ming; 楊建銘; Arthur J. Spielmana
2010-06 The effect of a rule-based sleep-improving program on actigraphic sleep in college students Hung, C. Y.; Yang, C. M.; 楊建銘
2011-03 The effect of a self-efficacy enhancement strategy on hypnotic tapering in patients with primary insomnia Tseng, C. H.; 楊建銘; Yang, C. M.; Lai, Y. S.; Hsu, S. C.
2013-12 The Effect of a Serious Game on the Attention of the Elderly Ku, J.H.; Hwang, S.L.; Li, T.Y.; 顧竣翔; 黃淑麗; 李蔡彥
2009-06 The effect of attention on the multistable moving pattern perception: Will the attended areas look closer to us? 黃淑麗
2009-06 The effect of circadian preference and daytime sleepiness on academic performance may be mediated by academic motivation in senior high school students 楊建銘
2017-01 Effect of Cognitive Reappraisal Ability on Pre-sleep Emotion Regulation and Sleep Onset 楊建銘; Yang, C. M.; Chen, A.J.
2008-05 The effect of different reading goals on eye movement patterns in reading Chinese 顏乃欣; Yen, N.S.; Chen, P. L.; Lin, H. Y.; Yu, T. Y.
2009-06 The effect of dysfunctional beliefs, self efficacy and decision balance on hypnotic tapering in patients with primary insomnia 楊建銘

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