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2010 Java網頁程式安全弱點驗證之測試案例產生工具 黃于育; Huang, Yu Yu
1905-07 Joint Attention Intervention Combined the Training of Children with Autism and Their Parents: The Preliminary Findings. 姜忠信
2013 Junction-based traffic-aware routing scheme for vehicular Ad Hoc networks Lo, C.-C.; Kuo, Yauh-wang; 郭耀煌
1999 Justification of heuristic methods in data processing using fuzzy theory with applications to detection of business cycles from fuzzy data 吳柏林
1994 J型-發散統計量與數種適合度檢定統計量之比較 吳裕陽; Wu, Yuh Yang
2011 K 穩定性與熱帶幾何之研究 李威德; Li, Wei De
2020-04 Keeping Their Words: Direct and Indirect Chinese Quote Attribution from Newspapers 黃瀚萱; Huang, Hen-Hsen; Lee, Kuan-Lin; Cheng, Yu-Chung; Chen, Pai-Lin
1999 Kernal density estimation for departure processes of a queue 陸行
2005 Kernel Density Estimation for Interdeparture Time of GI/G/1 Queues 陸行; Luh,Hsing; Wu,Berlin
1997 Kernel density estimation for random fields (density estimation for random fields) 吳柏林; Carbon, Michel; Tran, Lanh Tat; Wu, Berlin
1997-05 Kernel density estimation under weak dependence with sampled data 吳柏林; Wu, Berlin
2019-04 Knockdown of protein kinase CK2 blocked gene expression mediated by brain-derived neurotrophic factor-induced serum response element 趙知章; Chao, Chih-Chang; SP, Yang; CY, Lo; HM, Tseng
2006 Knowledge partitioning in categorization: Boundary conditions Yang, Lee-Xieng; Lewandowsky, Stephan; Roberts, Leo; 楊立行
2004 Knowledge Partitioning in Categorization: Constraints on Exemplar Models Yang, Lee-Xieng; Lewandowsky, Stephan; 楊立行
2017-07 Knowledge Partitioning in Forecasting 楊立行*; Yang, Lee-Xieng; 李孜希; Lee,  Tzu-Hsi
1994-11 A Knowledge-Based Analyzer for Requirements Specification Analysis 張宏慶
1994-03 A knowledge-Based Framework for Specification Verification of Real-Time Systems 張宏慶
1994-05 A Knowledge-Based Systems Development Framework and Verification Methodology 張宏慶
2010 Kolmogorov-Smirnov Two Sample Test with Continuous Fuzzy Data 吳柏林; Lin, Pei-Chun; Wu, Berlin; Watada, Junzo
2011-11 Kronecker product-forms of steady-state probabilities with Ck/Cm/1 by matrix polynomial approaches Luh, Hsing Paul; 陸行; Liu, Hsin Yi
2015-10 A L1-regularized Minimum Residual Method for Factor Analysis 黃柏僩; Huang, Po-Hsien
2011 Labeled influence maximization in social networks for target marketing Li, Fa Hsien; Li, Cheng Te; Shan, Man-Kwan; 李法賢; 林守德; 沈錳坤
2014-02 Lack of efficacy of dextromethorphan in managing alcohol withdrawal: A preliminary report of a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial Huang, M.-C.; Chen, C.-H.; Pan, Chun-Hung; Lin, S.-K.; 潘俊宏
2009 Laminin B1抑制ERK1/2及SGK1的活化進而抑制大白鼠空間記憶的形成 劉文婷
1990 LANDER表中之缺項 姚焱堯

Showing items 1776-1800 of 7735. (310 Page(s) Totally)
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