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2019-08 Orientation ordering in mesogens as an effect of backbone alignment 馬文忠
2012 Oriented animal-mask decoration pattern generation Chi, Ming Te; Liou, Wei Cheng; 紀明德
1991 The Origins of Asian versus Western Difference in Probability Judgment Accuracy Patterns Yates J. F.; Lee J. W.; Shinotsuka H.; 顏乃欣; Singh R.; Onglatco M. L. U.
2009-01 Orthographic combinability and phonological consistency effects in reading Chinese phonograms: an event-related potential study. 蔡介立; Hsu,CH; Tsai,Jie-Li; Lee,CY; Tzeng.OJ
2006 Orthographic neighborhood effects in reading Chinese two-character words Tsai, Jie-Li; Huang, Hsu-Wen; Lee, Chia-Ying; Lee, Chia-Lin; Hung, Daisy L.; Tzeng, Ovid J.-L.; 蔡介立
2010-04 Oscillation and nonoscillation criteria for linear dynamic systems on time scales 符聖珍; Fu,Sheng-Chen; Lin,Ming-Li
1998-12 Oscillation in nonlinear difference equations Fu, Sheng-Chen; 蔡隆義; Tsai, Long-Yi
2003-07 Oscillation Theorems for Forth Order Partial Difference Equations S. C. Fu; 蔡隆義; Tsai, L.Y.
2003-07 Oscillation Theorems for Fourth Order Partial Difference Equations Fu,Sheng-Chen; 符聖珍; Tsai,Long-Yi
2015-06 Our Reasoning is Clearly Fuzzy, So Why Is Crisp Logic So Often Adequate? Wu, Berlin; 吳柏林; Kreinovich, Vladik; Nguyen, Hung T.
2020-07 Outcome Predictors in a Low-intensity Early Start Denver Model Implemented in the Taiwanese Public Health System 姜忠信; Chiang, Chung-Hsin
2012-05 Outcome-based observational learning in human infants 黃啟泰; Huang, Chi-Tai
2020-05 Outcomes of a Short-term Low-intensity Early Start Denver Model Implemented in the Taiwanese Public Health System: A Case Control Study 姜忠信; Chiang, Chung-Hsin
2018 Outcomes of necrotic immature open-apex central incisors treated by MTA apexification using poly(ε-caprolactone) fiber mesh as an apical barrier Lee, Li-Wan; Hsiao, Sheng-Huang; Lin, Yun-Ho; Chen, Po-Yu; Lee, Ya-Ling; Hung, Wei-Chiang; 蕭勝煌; Hsiao, Sheng-Huang
2008-12 Output Feedback Grey Prediction System Regulator 連耀南; Huang,C. C.; Lien,Y. N.; Hwang,T. Y.; Huang,T. L.
2002-12 The Output Process of Em/Ek/1 陸行; Yuanhsu Lee
1999 The Output process of the queueing system GI/G/1 陸行
2010 Output-regulated optimal grey controller Huang, T. L.; Liu, C.W.; Chang, C. H.; Huang, C. C.; Chen, C. R.; Lien, Y. N.; Hwang, T. Y.; Sheu, J. S.; Wang, T. C.; 連耀南
2012-03 Overview of studies related to geriatric syndrome in Taiwan. 吳治勳; Wu,Chih-Hsun; Chang,Ching-I.; Chen,Ching-Yu
2008-01 OVSF Code Based Framework to Support QoS for WCDMA 張宏慶
2013-02 Oxidative stress status in recently abstinent methamphetamine abusers Huang, M.-C.; Lin, S.-K.; Chen, Chen C.-H.; Pan, Chun-Hung; Lee, C.-H.; Liu, H.-C.; 潘俊宏
2008 P-40: Color Bias Elimination Technique for Motion Image Liao, Wen-hung; Chang, Kai-Chieh; Lai, Yueh-Yi; 廖文宏
2006-09 P463 The estimated prevalence of SDB in high-risk population in Taiwan as screened by sleep-specific questionnaires Chen, Ning-Hung; Wang, Pa-Chun; Shih, Tung-Sheng; Chen, Chiou-Jong; Lin, June-Dian; Chen, Chang-Wei; Lin, Ying; 陳昌偉
2011 A PAN Framework to Stimulate Creativity For Narrative Chang, Yun-Tai; Chen, Sheng-Chih; Li, Tsai-Yen
2011-08 PARABOLA METHOD IN ORDINARY DIFFERENTIAL EQUATION 李明融; Li,Meng-Rong; 謝宗翰; Shieh,Tzong-Hann; 余清祥; Yue,C. Jack; 李玢; Lee,Pin; 李育佐; Li,Yu-Tso

Showing items 2376-2400 of 7637. (306 Page(s) Totally)
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