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2001-09 The Psychopathology of Autistic Disorder: A Critical Review  姜忠信; 宋維村
1987 Psychophysiological Changes Associated with Children's Writing of Chinese Calligraphy:the effect of character stroke forms Lam P. W.; Kao H. S. R.; 顏乃欣; Ko H. W.
1987 Psychophysiological Changes Associated with the of Writing Chinese Calligraphy:the case of schozophrenic patients Kao H. S. R.; Lam P. W.; 顏乃欣; Ynag K. S.
2008-09 The psychophysiological effects of emotion on decisions with high/low importance Chen, P. L.; Yen, N. S.; Lin, H. Y.; Chang, Y. C.; Liu, C. J.; 顏乃欣
2012-12 Publisher's Note: 'A combined first principle calculations and experimental study on the spin-polarized band structure of Co-doped PbPdO2' [Appl. Phys. Lett. 101, 222104 (2012)] Chen, S.W.; Huang, S.C.; Guo, G.Y.; Chiang, S.; Lee, J.M.; Chen, S.A.; Haw, S.C.; Lu, K.T.; Chen, J.M.; 郭光宇
2010-02 Pullback and forward attractors for dissipative cellular neural networks with additive noises 班榮超*; Ban, Jung-Chao; Hsu, Cheng-Hsiung; Yang, Tzi-Sheng
2009-06 Pullback and forward attractors for dissipative lattice dynamical systems with additive noises 班榮超; Ban, Jung-Chao; Hsu, Cheng-Hsiung; Lin, Yin-Heng; Yang, Tzi-Sheng
2011 Puppet Playing: An Interactive Character Animation System with Hand Motion Control Li, Tsai-yen; Luo, Zhiqiang; Lin, Chih-Chung; Chen, I-Ming; Yeo, Song Huatand; 李蔡彥
2015 PyCUDA在熱傳導方程的應用 施政丞
2012 Python平行化在SCMDS上之應用 李沛承; Lee, Pei Cheng
2015 QoN-oriented resilient bandwidth allocation for medical content services in software-defined hospital networks 郭耀煌; Chin, Hsuan-Hsuan; Lo, Chun-Chih; Wu, Pei-Yu; Horng, Mong-Fong; Kuo, Yau-Hwang
2000-03 Qos Experiment and prototyping for a Hybrid Ad Hoc Mobile Computer Network 蔡子傑
2005-03 QoS Management for All-IP Core Networks Lien, Yao-Nan; Chien-Tung Chen; Ming-Chih Chen; Tsung-Hsung Li; Yi-Min Chen; 連耀南
1998 QoS routing in multihop packet radio environment Tsai, Tzu-chieh; Hsu, Yu-Ching; Lin, Ying-Dar; 蔡子傑
1997 QoS routing performance in a multihop,multimedia,wireless network 蔡子傑
2008-09 QoS-Aware Packet Scheduling by Looking Ahead Approach 連耀南
2013-11 QoS-constrained resource allocation scheduling for LTE network 張宏慶; Hung-Chin Jang
2014 Qos-Constraint Resource Allocation Scheduler for LTE Network Jang, Hung-Chin; Lee, Yun-Jun; 張宏慶
1992 QR與LR算則之位移策略 黃義哲; HUANG, YI-ZHE
2008-04 The qualitative reseach of brand relationships: the case of Chrome Hearts 錢玉芬
2016-06 Qualitative Study of Long-Term Sedative-Hypnotic Use Patterns. 楊建銘; Yang, Chien-Ming; 陳昌偉; Chen, Chang-Wei; 林郁秀; Lin, Yaw- Sheng; Tsai, Yun-Lin
1999-08 Quality change of love relationships in marriage across adulthood 李良哲
1999-08 Quality change of love relationships in marriage across adulthood 李良哲
2008-08 Quality of life and its association with insight, adverse effects of medication and use of atypical antipsychotics in patients with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia in remission Cheng, Chung-Ping; 鄭中平
2017 Quality of return to work in patients with mild traumatic brain injury: a prospective investigation of associations among post-concussion symptoms, neuropsychological functions, working status and stability 楊啟正; Chu, Shao-Ying; Tsai, Yi-Hsin; Xiao, Sheng-Huang; Huang, Sheng-Jean; Yang, Chi-Cheng

Showing items 2701-2725 of 7840. (314 Page(s) Totally)
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