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2007-05 The role of question type and knowledge in anchoring effect Chang Y. F.; 顏乃欣; Chung H. K.; Chen K. H.
1985-09 The Role of Recreational Experience in Leisure Planning 陳彰儀
2004-08 The role of social factors on animal behaviors 孫旻暐; 陳皎眉
2004-08 The role of social factors on animal behaviors 孫旻暐; 陳皎眉
2007-06 The role of trait vulnerability to sleep disturbance in the moderation of the relationships between stress and sleep quality Chen, J.; Yang, C. M.; Chou, C.; 楊建銘
2009-03 The roles of mu opioid receptors and bombesin receptors in the modulation of pain and itch sensation 柯美全
2011-07 The roles of working memory and approximate number system on multiplication performance 顏乃欣; Yen, N. S.; Han, C. C.; Butterworth, B.
2012-06 The roles of working memory and approximate numerosity system on junior high school math achievements 顏乃欣; Yen, N. S.; Han, C. C.; Yen, M. H.; Didino, D.; Butterworth, B.
2017-09 ROSA: Resource-Oriented Service Management Schemes for Web of Things in a Smart Home 廖峻鋒; Liao, Chun-Feng; Chen, Peng-Yu
1996-01 ROSE: a Rapid OCR Software Development Environment 連耀南
2001-09 Route-information management and provision for public transportation systems 劉昭麟; Liu, Chao-Lin; Pai, Tun-Wen; Huang, Shang-Ming; Chang, Chun-Tien
2007-07 Routing and Admission Control in IEEE 802.16 Distributed Mesh Networks 蔡子傑
2002-03 Routing for Mobile LAN Topology Management 連耀南; Richard Chiou
2002-06 Routing Protocol for Mobile LAN 張宏慶; Chin-Wei Meng
2012 A rule-based classification algorithm: A rough set approach Liao, C.-C.; Hsu, K.-W.; 廖家奇; 徐國偉
2011-06 S Obstructive Sleep Apnea a Predictor for Proteinuria? A Decision Tree Analysis Ting, H.; Wang, C. H.; Huang, R. J.; Yang, C. M; 楊建銘
1989 S-P表在高級中學數學科教學上之應用研究 呂秋文
2015-08 S4: An SLA-aware Short-Secret-Sharing cloud storage system 郭耀煌; Chuang, I-Hsun; Huang, Yu-Ting; Su, Wei-Tsung; Lin, Tung-Sheng; Kuo, Yau-Hwang
2014-06 Safety culture evaluation in China Airlines: A preliminary study Tsay, C.-Y.; Kuo, Chien-Chih; Chao, C.-J.; Drury, C.G.; Hsiao, Y.-L.; 郭建志
2008-12 A Sanitizing Signature Scheme with Indexing 左瑞麟
2012-12 Sarcosine attenuates toluene-induced motor incoordination, memory impairment, and hypothermia but not brain stimulation reward enhancement in mice 詹銘煥; Chan, Ming-Huan; Chung, Shiang-Sheng; Stoker, Astrid K.; Markou, Athina; Chen, Hwei-Hsien
2011-06 Sarcosine therapy for obsessive compulsive disorder: A prospective, open-label study Wu, P.-L.; Tang, Hwa-Sheng; Lane, H.-Y.; Tsai, C.-A.; Tsai, G.E.; 湯華盛
2003-07 SARS失落中的生命展延 許文耀
2003-01 SARS疫情對於人際態度與互動模式的影響 邱皓政; 張素凰; 顏乃欣; 胡志偉; 劉兆明
2003-12 SARS疫情對於台灣民眾人際態度與互動模式的影響─壓力因應理論的結構方程模式檢驗 邱皓政; 張素凰; 顏乃欣; 胡志偉; 劉兆明; 李俊仁

Showing items 2851-2875 of 7735. (310 Page(s) Totally)
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