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2009-12 Change periods detection for multivariate time series with fuzzy methods Li, W.; Hu, R.; Wu, Berlin; 吳柏林
2010-06 Changes in cognitive and behavioral factors associated with treatment effects following cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia Yang, C. M.; Yang, T. T.; Jan, Y. W.; 楊建銘
2009-03 Changes of psychological and behavioral factors in related to treatment effects in CBT for insomnia 楊建銘
2011-02 Changing boundaries of ethnic identity and feelings toward in/outgroup: Examining Taiwan residents from a psycho-historical perspective I-Ching Lee(李怡青); Felicia Pratto
2011 Chapter 1 - Sleep Restriction Therapy Yang, Chien-Ming; 楊建銘; Spielman, Arthur J.; Glovinsky, Paul B.
1987-08 Characteristic of a healthy family and family strengths: a cross-cultural study 陳皎眉
1974-12 Characteristics of Classroom Test Items Identified by Chinese Students as Unfair 黃國彥
2021-10 Characterization and Topological Behavior of Homomorphism Tree-Shifts 班榮超; Ban, Jung-Chao; Chang, Chih-Hung; Hu, Wen-Guei; Lai, Guan-Yu
2020-06 Characterization for entropy of shifts of finite type on Cayley trees 班榮超; Ban, Jung-Chao; Chang, Chih-Hung
2020-07 Characterization for entropy of shifts of finite type on Cayley trees 班榮超; Ban, Jung-Chao ; Chang, Chih-Hung
2003-10 Characterization of the rat A2A adenosine receptor gene: a 4.8-kb promoter-proximal DNA fragment confers selective expression in the central nervous system. 廖文霖; Lee,YC; Chien,CL; Sun,CN; Huang,CL; Huang,NK; Chiang,MC; Lai,HL; Lin,YS; Chou,SY; Wang,CK; Tai,MH; Liao,WL; Lin,TN; Liu,FC; Chern,Y
2006 Characterizing Output Processes of Em/Ek/1 Queues 陸行; Luh,Hsing; Lee,Yuan-Hsu
2009-04 Characterizing the acute cardiovascular toxicities of cocaine in freely moving rhesus monkeys 柯美全
2004-12 Characterizing The Idle Time Distribution in A Nonexponential Server System 陸行; Luh, Hsing; Tseng, Kai-Hung
2004-12 Characterizing the idle time of a nonexponential server system 陸行; Luh, Hsing; Tseng, Kai-Hung
2012-08 Chemical Composition Tuning of the Anomalous Hall Effect in Isoelectronic L10FePd1-xPtx Alloy Films 郭光宇; Guo, Guang-Yu
2014-03 Chinese Authenticity 孫蒨如; Sun, Chien-Ru
2016-12 Chinese character fluency test: an investigation of psychometric properties. 楊啟正; Hung, Yi-Hsiang; Wang, Tzu-Lan; Yang, Chi-Cheng
2011-12 Chinese characters elicit face-like N170 inversion effects 郭柏呈; Kuo, Bo-Cheng; Wang, Man-Ying; Cheng, Shih-Kuen
2003-04 Chinese children's comprehension of count-classifiers and mass-classifiers 蔣治邦; Chien,Y.; Lust B.
1996 Chinese pronominals in universal grammar: A study of linear precedence and command in Chinese and English children's first language acquisition Chiang, Chi-pang; Eisele, Julie; Chien, Yu-Chin; Lust, Barbara; 蔣治邦
2012-09 Chinese social identity and inter-group relations: The influence of benevolent authority Li, Mei-Chih; 李美枝; Liu, J.H.
1999 Chiungtze C. Tsen (1898-1940) and Tsen's Theorems Ding, S.S.; Kang,M.-C.; 陳永秋
1995-06 Chronic Effects of Haloperidol and SCH23390 on Operant and Licking Behaviors in the Rat 廖瑞銘; 柯美全
2000 Chu spaces for uncertainty modeling and analysis 吳柏林

Showing items 276-300 of 5225. (209 Page(s) Totally)
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