數位內容碩士學位學程 [133/188]
應用數學系 [1089/1357]
心理學系 [1940/2981]
資訊科學系碩士在職專班 [109/115]
資訊科學系 [2069/2508]
神經科學研究所 [205/258]
應用物理研究所 [365/377]
社群網路與人智計算國際研究生博士學位學程(TIGP) [5/5]


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社會科學學院 [18914/25319]
商學院 [23148/31945]
傳播學院 [5779/7753]
外國語文學院 [4112/5883]
法學院 [5824/6784]
國際事務學院 [4247/6038]
教育學院 [4914/6192]
研究中心 [2152/4155]
行政單位 [238/273]
學術期刊 [10986/11048]
政大會議論文集 [1800/1809]
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2009-10 Contextual effect on visual word recognition 蔡介立
2007 Continuous Evaluation of Fastest Path Queries on Road Networks Chia-Chen Lee; 陳良弼; Yi-Hung Wu
2009-09 Continuous performance test in drug-naïve patients with obsessive–compulsive disorder: A case-controlled study Tang, Hwa-Sheng; 湯華盛; Lee, Chun-Hung; Chiu, Chih-Chiang; Chiu, Chen-Huan; Chang, Ching-Jui
2010 Continuous probabilistic skyline queries over uncertain data streams Su, H.Z.; Wang, E.T.; Chen, Arbee L. P.; 陳良弼
2007-12 Continuous query processing over music streams based on approximate matching mechanisms 陳良弼; Chen,Hung-Chen; Wu,Yi-Hung; Soo,Yu-Chi; Chen,Arbee L. P.
2007 Continuously Matching Episode Rules for Predicting Future Events over Event Streams C-W- Cho; 陳良弼; Y- Zheng
2019-06 Contribution of caspase-8 genotypes to colorectal cancer risk in Taiwan 趙知章; Chao, Chih-Chang; MH, Wu; CW, Tsai; DT*, Bau; YW, Hung; CL, Gong; TC, Yueh; SC, Wang; YL, Lai; SW, Hsu; WS, Chang
2019-07 Contribution of Matrix Metalloproteinase-2 Promoter Genotypes to Nasopharyngeal Cancer Susceptibility and Metastasis in Taiwan 趙知章; Chao, Chih-Chang; Hsu, Shih-Wei; Gong, Chi-Li; Hsu, Huai-Mei; Wang, Yun-Chi; Chang, Wen-Shin; Yueh-Ting Tsai, Liang-Chun Shih, Chia-Wen Tsai, DA-Tian Bau
2017-02 Contributions of Perceptual and Motor Experience of an observed action to anticipating its result. 顏乃欣; Yen, N. S.; Chen, Y. H.;; Lee, P. H.;; Lu, Y. W.;; Huang, S. K.;
2006 Convergence of random fuzzy sets Wu, Berlin; 吳柏林; Nguyen, H.T
2002-10 Convergence of the shifted QR algorithm for unitary Hessenberg matrices 王太林; William B. Gragg
2001 Convergence of the tridiagonal QR algorithm 王太林
2003-01 Convergence of the unitary QR algorithm with a unimodular Wilkinson shift 王太林; William B. Gragg
1981-03 Convergence Rate and the First Exit Time for U-statistics 林光賢
2008-05 Convergent dynamics for multistable delayed neural networks Shih, Chih-Wen; 曾睿彬; Tseng, Jui-Pin
2000 A Conversion Environement Between HTML and WML 蔡子傑
2001-03 A Conversion Environment Between HTML and WML 連耀南; Tsu-Chieh Tsai; Chung-Yi Chen Yen-Te Ho; Hsiau-Feng Wu and Hung-Chin Ja
2012-03 Convertible ring signatures with gradual revelation of non-signers 左瑞麟; Tso,Raylin
2008-12 Convertible Undeniable Partially Blind Signature from Bilinear Pairings 左瑞麟
2012-12 Cookie-Cooperative Automatic Repeat Request for Transmission Assistance in VANET 張宏慶; Jang,Hung-Chin; Chuang,Sheng-Chih
2010 Cookie-cooperative automatic repeat request for transmission assistance in VANET Jang, Hung-chin; 張宏慶; Chuang, Sheng-Chih
2019 《COOKIE:數位環獄》模擬科技監控下的社會 陳柏綸; Chen, Po-Lun
1996-01 Cooperation Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Protocols for Automatic Services and Resources Allocation 胡毓忠
1998-12 Cooperative matching paradigm for the analysis of stereo image sequences 廖文宏; Liao,Wen-Hung; J. K. Aggarwal
2009 Cooperative Transmission Aid in Intermittent Broken Connection on VANET Chuang, Sheng-Chih; 張宏慶; Jang, Hung-chin

Showing items 626-650 of 7747. (310 Page(s) Totally)
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