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2015-12 Am I Really Good? -- The Impact of Social Comparison and Temporal Comparison on Self-Evaluation 黃文豪; 孫蒨如; Huang, Wen-Hao; Sun, Chien-Ru
2005-11 Amygdala and context-drug association in amphetamine induced place conditioning 廖瑞銘; 林姿卿
2011-07 An asymptotic solution for the free boundary parabolic equations Liu, Ming-Long; 劉明郎; Liu, H.-K.
2005 An effective approach for content delivery in an evolving intranet environment - A case study of the largest telecom company in Taiwan Liang, C.-C.; Hsu, P.-Y.; Leu, J.-D.; Luh, Hsing Paul; 陸行
2016 An empirical comparison of different models of active aging in Canada: The International Mobility in Aging Study. 游琇婷; Yu, Hsiu-Ting; Salah, T.; Filiatrault, J.; Bélanger, E.; Zunzunegui, M. V.
2010-12 An epidemiologic study of sleep problems among adolescents in North Taiwan Wang, Chih Huan; 王志寰; Huang, Y.-S.; Guilleminault, C.
2010 An Exploration of Native Speakers' Eye Fixations in Reading Chinese Text Tsai, Jie-Li; 蔡介立; Weng, Juei-Yu; Chuang, Yi-Hsuan; Liu, Chao-Lin
2020-07 An exploration of the sleep quality and potential violence among patients with schizophrenia in community 楊建銘; Yang, Chien-Ming; Chen, Zi-Ting
2016-12 Analysis of a Markovian Feedback Queue with Multi-class Customers 陸行; Kim, Jerim; Kim, Bara; Luh, Hsing
2011-07 Analysis of bandwidth allocation on end-to-end QoS networks under budget control Wang, Chia-Hung; 王嘉宏; Luh, Hsing Paul; 陸行
2017 An analysis of functional curability on HIV infection models with Michaelis-Menten-type immune response and its generalization 陳政輝; Chen, Jeng-Huei
2009-12 Analysis of the M/G/1 queue with exponentially working vacations—a matrix analytic approach 陸行; Luh,Hsing Paul; Zhang,Zhe George; Li,Ji-hong
2009-11 Analysis on numerical results for stage separation with different exhaust holes 謝宗翰; Shieh,Tzong-Han; 劉通明; Liou,Tong-Miin; 李明融; Li,Meng-Rong; Liu,Cheng-Hsin; Wu,Wen-Jing
2008-10 Analysis on the Duration of Deep Earthquakes 李明融; Li,Meng-Rong; Chang,Chuen-Hsin; 張覺心
2005 Analytics of RED Queueing Models 陸行
2007-08 Animal model of risky choice behavior 楊仁豪; 林偉綸; 廖瑞銘
2012-07 Anomalous and spin Hall effects in hcp cobalt from GGA+U calculations 郭光宇; Tung, Jen-Chuan; Fuh, Huei-Ru; Guo, Guang-Yu
2015-04 Anomalous Hall effect and current spin polarization in Co2FeX Heusler compounds (Z = Al, Ga, In, Si, Ge, and Sn): A systematic ab initio study Huang, Hung-Lung; Tung, Jen-Chuan; Guo, Guang-Yu; 董人銓; 郭光宇
2010-10 Anomalous integer quantum Hall effect in AA -stacked bilayer graphene Hsu, Y.-F.; Guo, Guang-Yu; 郭光宇
2010 Anomalous integer quantum Hall effect in AA-stacked bilayer graphene 郭光宇; Guo, Guang-Yu
2008-10 Anomalous J-modulation effects on amino acids in clinical 3T MR spectroscopy 蔡尚岳; Tsai, Shang-Yueh
2014-06 Anomalous Nernst and Hall effects in magnetized platinum and palladium Guo, G. Y.; Niu, Q.; Nagaosa, N.; 郭光宇
2004-09 Anti-Mullerian hormone may be an autocrine regulator of motorneurons 王培育; Wang, Pei-Yu; Koishi, Kyoko; McLennan, Ian S.
2018 Anti-site defect effect on the electronic structure of a Bi2Te3 topological insulator Chuang, PY; Su, SH; Chong, CW; Chen, YF; Chou, YH; Huang, JCA; Chen, WC; Cheng, CM; Tsuei, KD; Wang, CH; Yang, YW; Liao, YF; Weng, SC; Lee, JF; Lan, YK; Chang, SL; Lee, CH; Yang, CK; Su, HL; Wu, YC; 楊志開; Yang, Chih-Kai
2012-09 The Anticipated Risk Factor in Error Monitoring System: A FRN Study Chang, Y. F.; 顏乃欣; Yen, N. S.

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