數位內容碩士學位學程 [133/188]
應用數學系 [1089/1357]
心理學系 [1940/2981]
資訊科學系碩士在職專班 [109/115]
資訊科學系 [2069/2508]
神經科學研究所 [206/259]
應用物理研究所 [365/377]
社群網路與人智計算國際研究生博士學位學程(TIGP) [5/5]


創新國際學院 [1/1]
文學院 [8949/12745]
社會科學學院 [18915/25320]
商學院 [23148/31945]
傳播學院 [5779/7753]
外國語文學院 [4114/5885]
法學院 [5825/6785]
國際事務學院 [4247/6038]
教育學院 [4915/6193]
研究中心 [2152/4155]
行政單位 [238/273]
學術期刊 [10986/11048]
政大會議論文集 [1800/1809]
政大學報 [1279/1281]

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2014 Discovering Leaders from Social Network by Action Cascade Tsai, Ming-Feng; Tzeng, Chih-Wei; Lin, Zhe-Li; Chen, Arbee L. P.; 蔡銘峰
2012 Discovering Leaders from Social Network by Action Cascade Tsai, Ming-Feng; Tzeng, Chih-Wei; Chen, Arbee L.P.; 蔡銘峰; 曾智煒; 陳良弼
2001-09 Discovering nontrivial repeating patterns in music data 陳良弼; Hsu,Jia-Lien; Liu,Chih-Chin; Chen,Arbee L.P.
2006-01 Discovering phenomena - Correlations among association rules Wu, Y.-H.; Chang, M.Y.-C.; Chen, Arbee L. P.; 陳良弼
2006-01 Discovering Phenomena – Correlations among Association Rules Y-C- Chang; Y-H- Wu; 陳良弼
2009-12 Discovering political tendency in bulletin board discussions by social community analysis Lee, K.-C.; Shan, Mankwan; 沈錳坤
2009-03 Discriminating different attention levels by the electrophysiological and behavioral measures 黃淑麗
2003-10 Disease knowledge, risk perception,cognitive appraisal, and coping strategies as possible predictors of psychological sequel of SARS Chang S. H.; 顏乃欣; Chiou H. J.; Hue C. W.; Liu C. M.; Lee J. R.
2016-09 Dish Discovery via Word Embeddings on Restaurant Reviews 蔡銘峰; Tsai, Ming-Feng; Chao, Chih-Yu; Chu, Yi-Fan; Ho, Yi; Wang, Chuan-Ju; Tsai, Ming-Feng
2013-06 Dispersion relation, propagation length and mode conversion of surface plasmon polaritons in silver double-nanowire systems 郭光宇; Sun, Shulin; Chen, Hung-Ting; Zheng, Wei-Jin; Guo, Guang-Yu
2019-09 Dissecting psychomotor dysfunction in mouse models of CDKL5 deficiency disorder 廖文霖; Liao, Wenlin
2015-11 Dissociable contribution of nucleus accumbens and dorsolateral striatum to the acquisition of risk choice behavior in the rat Yang, Jen-Hau; Liao, Ruey-Ming; 廖瑞銘
2010-04 Dissociated decision processes under time pressure in the Iowa Gambling Task Yen, N. S.; 顏乃欣; Chou, I. C.; Kao, C. H.; Chung, H. K.; Yang, T. H.
2000 Distinct accumbal subareas are involved in place conditioning of ampgrtamine and coaine 廖瑞銘; Liao, Ruey-Ming; Chang, Yea-Huey; Wang, Szu-Han; Lan, Cherng-Horng
2019-03 Distinctive signatures of the spin- and momentum-forbidden dark exciton states in the photoluminescence of strained WSe2 monolayers under thermalization 楊志開; Yang, Chih-Kai; Lo, Ping-Yuan; Peng, Guan-Hao; Li, Wei-Hua; Huang, Yan-Chen; Chen, Yan-Hong; Lee, Chi-Hsuan; Cheng, Shun-Jen
2019-04 Distributed E-Voting and E-Bidding Systems Based on Smart Contract 劉子源; Liu, Zi-Yuan; 左瑞麟*; Tso , Raylin; 蕭人和; Hsiao , Jen-Ho
2016-02 Distributed keyword vector representation for document categorization Hsieh, Yu Lun; Liu, Shih Hung; Chang, Yung Chun; Hsu, Wen-Lian
2001-01 Distributed Netflow Analysis for Limiting User Data Rates 林鳳銘; 吳守豪; 李蔡彥
2002-10 Distributed Netflow Analysis for Limiting User Data Rates 李蔡彥
2008 Distribution of a random functional of a Ferguson-Dirichlet process over the unit sphere. 姜志銘; Jiang, Thomas J.; 郭錕霖; Kuo, Kun-Lin
2013-05 Distribution of functionals of a Ferguson-Dirichlet process over an n-dimensional ball 姜志銘; Jiang, Thomas J.
2013-09 Distribution of functionals of a Ferguson–Dirichlet process over an -dimensional ball Dickey, James M.; 姜志銘; Jiang, Thomas J.; Kuo, Kun-Lin
1991-09 Distribution of random functional of a Dirichlet Process on the unit disk 姜志銘
2013-02 Divergent manifestations of irritability in patients with mild and moderate-to-severe traumatic brain injury: perspectives of awareness and neurocognitive correlates. 楊啟正; Yang, Chi-Cheng; Huang, Sheng-Jean; Lin, Wei-Chi; Tsai, Yi-Hsin; Hua, Mau-Sun
2011-12 DJMAMA互動裝置—數位音樂介面與數位藝術創作 徐幼庭; 陳聖智; 詹仕靜; 林志傑; 蘇瑋誠

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