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2008-05 The effect of different reading goals on eye movement patterns in reading Chinese 顏乃欣; Yen, N.S.; Chen, P. L.; Lin, H. Y.; Yu, T. Y.
2009-06 The effect of dysfunctional beliefs, self efficacy and decision balance on hypnotic tapering in patients with primary insomnia 楊建銘
2019-09 Effect of email-delivered CBT-I on insomnia, anxiety, and depression for university students in Japan: a randomized controlled trial 楊建銘; Yang, C. M.; Okajima, I.; Tanizawa, N.; Harata, M.; Chang, J.; Suh., S.; Li, S.X.; Manber, R.; Trockel, M.T.
2007-09 The effect of expectancy on feedback-related negativity 顏乃欣; Yen, N. S.; Lai, Y. R.; Chang, Y. F.; Yeh, T. H.; Chen, K. H.
2016-06 The effect of experiential value on customer satisfaction and loyalty in medical clinics in Taiwan - A case study of aesthetic medicine. 謝佩璇; Hsieh, P. H.; Chang, S. Y.
2010-06 The effect of fluorescent lights of different color temperature on morning alertness and EEG spectrum Lin, C.; Yang, C. M.; 楊建銘
2002 The Effect of Ingroup Favoritism on Reactions to Injustice as a Function of Cultural Differences between Chinese and Americans 李美枝
1977-12 The Effect of Just and Unjust Punishment on the Imitation of Aggression 李美枝; Li, Mei-chih
2019-09 Effect of Nanoceria on Insulin Amyloid Aggregation: Experimental and Theoretical Studies (poster) 馬文忠; Ma, Wen-Jong; Siposova, K.; BELOUS, A.; SHLAPA, Y.; 胡進錕; MUSATOV, A.
2017-12 Effect of Pachybasin on General Toxicity and Developmental Toxicity in Vivo Lin, Yi-Ruu; Peng, Kou-Cheng; Chan, Ming-Huan; Peng, Huan-Lin; Liu, Shu-Ying; 詹銘煥; Chan, Ming-Huan
2006 The Effect of Person-Organization Fit Feedback on Recruitment Web Sites on Applicant Attraction Hu, C . Y.; Chen C. I. B.; 陳彰儀; Su, H.C.
2007-09 The Effect of Person-Organization fit feedback via recruitment web sites on applicant attraction 陳彰儀; Chen, Chang-I Bonnie; Hu, Changya; Su, Hsiao-Chiao
1997 The effect of radio propagation on multimedia,mobile,multihop networks:models and countermeasures 吳曉光; 蔡子傑
2012-08 The effect of scarcity on the purchase intentions of prevention and promotion motivated consumers. 顧萱萱; Ku, Hsuan-Hsuan; 郭建志; Kuo, Chien-Chih; Kuo, Tzu-Wei
2010 The effect of school facility allocation to city center development base on dynamic spatial structure model Chyan, S.-H.; Liu, Hsiao-Lan; Lin, F.-T.; 劉小蘭
2008-09 The effect of self-generated criterion on feedback-related negativity 顏乃欣; Yen, N. S.; Chnag, Y. F.; Lin, K. Y.; Kao, C. H.; Lai, Y. R.
2004-05 The effect of semantic information upon the formation of memory conjunction errors Liu E. H. M.; 顏乃欣
2010-10 The effect of short-term affective modulation on reward prediction error signal: A study of feedback-related negativity Yen, N. S.; 顏乃欣; Chen, C. Y.; Liao, R. M.
2017-12 The Effect of Significant Other's Advice on Forgiveness in Chinese Culture 林佳苹; Lin, Chia-Ping; 孫蒨如; Sun, Chien-Ru
2012-07 Effect of spacer diameter of the Dynesys dynamic stabilization system on the biomechanics of the lumbar spine: a finite element analysis. 施世亮; Shih, Shih-Liang; Chen, Chen-Sheng; Lin, Hung-Ming; Huang, Li-Ying; Liu, Chien-Lin; Cheng, Cheng-Kung
1973 The Effect of Spontaneous Recovery and Interference on Rats' Retention of Discriminations LI, MC; 李美枝
2008-10 The effect of the angry faces on the attention 黃淑麗
2007-05 The effect of the association strength between action and target on FRN and P300 in a guessing task 顏乃欣; Lai Y. R.; Chen K. H.; Ya T. Z.; Chung H. K.
2011-04 Effect of the cord pretension of the Dynesys dynamic stabilisation system on the biomechanics of the lumbar spine: a finite element analysis. 施世亮; Liu, Chien-Lin; Zhong, Zheng-Cheng; Hsu, Hung-Wei; Shih, Shih-Liang; Wang, Shih-Tien; Hung, Chinghua; Chen, Chen-Sheng
2009-06 The effect of the fast and slow tempo music on sleep inertia and arousal 楊建銘

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