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2004 On the Non-abelian Clemens-Schmid Exact Sequence 蔡炎龍
2016-11 On the number of solutions of certain diagonal equations over finite fields 周文賢; Cao, Xi Wang; Chou, Wun Seng; Gu, Jingjing
2010-03 On the Optimization Methods for Fully Fuzzy Regression Models Wu, Berlin; 吳柏林; Liu, Hsuan-Ku; Hsu, Yu-Yun
2013-12 On the positive solution of nonlinear differential equation t²u''= u{^n}1 < n 李明融;; Li, Meng-Rong; Yao, Hsin-Yu; Li, Yu-Tso
2004 On the positive solutions of the differential equation $u''-u^p=0$. 李明融; Li, Meng-Rong
2004-09 On the Positive Solutions of the Differential Equation u''-u?=0 李明融; Li,Meng-Rong
2021-04 On the Pricing Formula for the Perpetual American Volatility Option Under the Mean-reverting Processes 蔡炎龍; Tsai, Yen-Lung; Liu, Hsuan-Ku; Lin, Tse-Yu
2013-01 On the Quantitative Behavior of the Linear Cellular Automata. 班榮超; Ban, Jung-Chao; Akin, Hassan; Chang, Chih-Hung
2006 On the random functional of the Ferguson-Dirichlet process 姜志銘
2006 On the random functional of the Ferguson-Dirichlet process Thomas J. Jiang姜志銘; Kun-Lin Kuo
1983-03 On the Rate of Almost Sure Convergence of the Robbins-Monro Method 林光賢; 劉明郎
2018-07 On the roots of certain Dickson polynomials Blokhuis, Aart; Cao, Xiwang; Chou, Wun-Seng; Hou, Xiang-Dong; Tsai, Yun-Ching
2001-12 On the selection of subset bilinear time series models: A genetic algorithm approach Wu,Berlin; 吳柏林; Cherng,Tsai-Hung; Chen,Cathy W. S.
1998-09 On the Semi-Linear Wave Equations -1- 李明融
1989-09 On the Solvability of Integro-differential Equations of Elliptic Type 蔡隆義
1983-03 On the Solvability of Nonlinear Intergro-differential Operators 蔡隆義
2012-04 On the structure of multi-layer cellular neural networks 班榮超; Ban, Jung-Chao; Chang, Chih-Hung; Lin, Song-Sun
2015-07 On the structure of multi-layer cellular neural networks: complexity between two layers 班榮超; Ban, Jung-Chao; Chang, Chih-Hung
2013-01 On the Structure of Two-Layer Cellular Neural Networks 班榮超; Ban, Jung-Chao; Lin, Song-Sun
2021-06 On the topological entropy of subshifts of finite type on free semigroups 班榮超; Ban, Jung-Chao ; Chan, Chih-Hung
1993-03 On the ``fair'' games problem for the weighted generalized Petersburg games 林光賢; Lin, Kuang Hsien; 陳天進; Chen, Ten Ging; Yang, Ling-Huey
2007-12 On Tropicalization of Non-abelian Cohomology 蔡炎龍
2016 On two priority multi-server queues with impatient customers Li, Hung-Wei
2007-08 On-line algorithms for computing mean and variance of interval data, and their use in intelligent systems Kreinovich, V.; 吳柏林; Wu, Berlin; Nguyen, H.T.
2015-01 One-year follow up of PTSD and depression in elderly aboriginal people in Taiwan after Typhoon Morakot 許文耀; Chen, Yi-Lung; Hsu, Wen-Yau; Wang, Peng-Wei; Huang, Mei-Feng; Yen, Cheng-Fang; Chen, Cheng-Sheng

Showing items 1401-1425 of 5212. (209 Page(s) Totally)
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