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2006 IEEE 802.16 Mesh Mode分散式排程之數學模型建立 陳彥賓; Chen, Yan-Bin
2010 IEEE 802.16j網路中基於樹狀拓樸的路徑選擇機制 廖國淵; Liao, Guo Yuan
2011 IEEE 802.16j網路具服務品質感知的HARQ與調適性路徑選擇機制之研究 張宏慶
2006 IEEE 802.16網狀網路使用令牌桶之允入控制 王川耘; Wang,Chuan-Yin
2007 IEEE 802.16網狀網路環境中降低媒體存取延遲研究 林暐清; Lin, Wei Ching
2009 IEEE 802.16網路以支持向量機配置頻寬 李俊毅; Li, Chun-Yi
2007 IEEE 802.16與802.11e整合環境的服務品質保證 張志華; Chang, Chih-Hua
2010 IEEE802.16j中具干擾感知之訊框排程的研究 陳韋良
2017 IFITM基因剔除鼠之下視丘功能之缺失研究 林万焜; Lin, Wan-Kun
2013-11 Illusory Motions on Surfaces Chi, Ming-Te; Yao, C.-Y.; Lee, T.-Y.; Zhang, E.; 紀明德
2019-09 Image Denoising based on Overlapped and Adaptive Gaussian Smoothing and Convolutional Refinement Networks 彭彥璁; Peng, Yan-Tsung; Lin, M.-H.; Tang, C.-L.; Wu, C.-H.
2021-05 Image Denoising Using Adaptive and Overlapped Average Filtering and Mixed-Pooling Attention Refinement Networks 彭彥璁; Peng, Yan-Tsung; Lin, Ming-Hao; Hou, Zhi-Xiang; Cheng, Kai-Han; Wu, Chin-Hsien
2019-03 Image Haze Removal Using Airlight White Correction, Local Light Filter, and Aerial Perspective Prior 彭彥璁; Peng, Yan-Tsung; Huang*, S.-C.; 呂智慧; Lu, Zhihui; 鄭帆捷; Cheng, Fan-Chieh; 黃士嘉; Huang, Shih-Chia; Zheng, Yalun
2016 Image stylization using anisotropic reaction diffusion Chi, Ming-Te; Liu, Wei-Ching; Hsu, Shu-Hsuan; 紀明德
2007-11 IMHAP – An Experimental Platform for Humanoid Procedural Animation 李蔡彥; Li, Tsai-Yen
2014-03 Immediate and Long-term Neurocognitive Outcome in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome After Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Treatment Yang, Chien-Ming; 楊建銘; Lin, S.-W.; Chou, Y.-T.; Kao, K.-C.
2008-12 Immune Multi-Target Design of System Compensators Placement Schedule 連耀南; Hwang,T. Y.; Huang,T. L.; Hsiao,Y. T.; Kuo, P. H.; Huang,C. C.; Lien,Y. N.
2005-05 IMNET: An Experimental Testbed for Extensible Multi-user Virtual Environment Systems 李蔡彥; M-Y- Liao; P-C- Tao
2005 IMNET: An Experimental Testbed for Extensible Multi-user Virtual Environment Systems Li, Tsai-yen; Liao, Mao-yung; Tao, Pai-cheng; 李蔡彥
2017-07 The Impact of Consumer Evaluation on the Cause-Related Marketing 李嘉林; Lee, Chia-Lin
2014-03 The Impact of Free Agency on Players’ Compensation 王智賢; 王偉馨; 廖晏君
2016-10 The Impact of Ignoring the Level of Nesting Structure in Nonparametric Multilevel Latent Class Models 游琇婷; Park, Jungkyu; Yu, Hsiu Ting
2013 The impact of impression management on purchase intentions in online auctions: The moderating effects of relationship norms Yen, W.-C.; Tseng, Tseng T.H.; Yen, Wanchu; Tseng, Timmy H.
2009-02 The Impact of Interpersonal Interdependency and Individualistic Competitiveness on Hostile and Benevolent Sexism 李怡青
2009-06 The impact of sleep quality on health-related quality of life in adolescence with blindness 楊建銘

Showing items 1601-1625 of 7840. (314 Page(s) Totally)
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