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2020-04 Learning to Generate Correct Numeric Values in News Headlines 黃瀚萱; Huang, Hen-Hsen; Chu, Jui; Chen, Chung-Chi; Chen, Hsin-Hsi
2007 Leaving a never-ending game: Quitting MMORPGs and online gaming addiction Lee, I-Ching; Yu, C.-Y.; Lin, H.; 李怡青
2014-08 Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics): Preface Christie, M.; Li, Tsai-Yen; 李蔡彥
2007-02 Lesbians and bisexual women in the eyes of scientific psychology 李怡青; Crawford M.
2012-01 Lesbians in Empirical Psychological Research: A New Perspective for the Twenty-First Century? Lee, I-Ching; Crawford, M.; 李怡青
2006-09 Lesion effects of the nucleus accumbens and dorsolateral striatum on a choice behavior of run-clime-run task in rats 廖瑞銘; 林姿卿; 陳昶名; 蔡依婷
2019-03 The Lesion Effects of two subareas of prefrontal cortex on the object recognition memory: compared with stimulant pre-exposure treatment. 廖瑞銘; Yang, C. M.; Yang, Yi-Hua; Chen, Shuo-Fu
2018-03 Lesion of lateral orbitofrontal cortex did not affect anxiety-related behavior or reward discrimination in rats 廖瑞銘; Yang, C. M.; Yang, Yi-Hua; Chang, Yu-Chen; Chuang, Chun-Yu
2014-12 Leverage Item Popularity and Recommendation Quality via Cost-sensitive Factorization Machines Chen, Chih-Ming; Chen, Hsin-Ping; Tsai, Ming-Feng; Yang, Yi-Hsuan; 陳志明; 陳心蘋; 蔡銘峰
2000 Licking effects of 8-OH-DPAT on negitive contrast in rats Cheng, R. K.; Lan, C. H.; Wang, S. H.; 廖瑞銘
1997 Licking performance of rats following negative contrast extinction and dopamine receptor blockade 廖瑞銘; Lan C.H.
2000 Licking performance on a choice procedure under dopamine receptor blockade in the rat 廖瑞銘; Wang, S. H.
2017-06 Life history of a topic in an online discussion: a complex systems theory perspective on how one message attracts class members to create meaning collaboratively. Vogler, Jane S.; Schallert, Diane L.; Jordan, Michelle E.; Song, Kwangok; Sanders, Anke J. Z.; Chiang, Yueh-hui Yan Te; Lee, Ji-Eun; Park, Jeongbin Hannah; Yu, Li-Tang; 江玥慧; Chiang, Yueh-hui Yan Te
1993-09 Life Stress,Coping Stragtegies and Delinquency 陳皎眉
2016 Lightweight Authentication Scheme with Dynamic Group Members in IoT Environments 曾一凡; Tseng, Yi-Fan; Huang*, Jheng-Jia; Juang, Wen-Shenq; Fan, Chun-I; Kikuchi, Hiroaki
2014 A Lightweight Feature Descriptor Using Directional Edge Maps 廖文宏
2017-10 Lightweight Non-Distance-Bounding Means to Address RFID Relay Attacks 杜雨儒; Tu, Yuju; Piramuthu, Selwyn
2019 《Like Plant Like Painting》360度沉浸式虛擬實境體驗創作論述與製作說明 洪子如; Hung, Tzu-Ju
2017-11 Linear Regression to Minimize the Total Error of the Numerical Differentiation 曾正男; Tzeng, Jengnan
2017-07 Linking Parental Socialization about Discrimination to Intergroup Attitudes: The Role of Social Dominance Orientation and Cultural Identification 李怡青; Su, Jenny C.; Gries, Peter H.; Lee, I-Ching; Tran, Alisia G. T. T.
2017-07 Linking parental socialization about discrimination to intergroup attitudes: The role of social dominance orientation and cultural identification Su, J.C.; Gries, P.H.; Lee, I-Ching; Tran, A.G.T.T.; 李怡青
2013-12 Linking statistics of betting behavior to difficulties of test items: An exploration Chen, C.-L.; Liu, Chao-Lin; Lee, C.-Y.; Tzeng, Y.-L.; Chou, C.-J.; 劉昭麟
2020-07 Linking time, space, and statements in one GIS system: A use case of studying individuals’ biographies 劉昭麟; LIU, CHAO-LIN; Pai, Pi-Ling; Peng, Yi-Fan
2010 The Living Arrangement May Differentially Influence IDU Parents? Motivation to Reduce HIV risk as a Function of Gender Copenhaver, M.*; Lee, I. C.(李怡青); Merz-Beyus, A.; Faghri, P.,
1993-12 A Localized Approach to Query Optimization in Heterogeneous Database System 陳良弼; Tsai,Pauray S. M.; Chen,Arbee L. P.

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