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2002-09 Behavioral function of dopamine: revisited by the use of a run-climb-run behavioral task 廖瑞銘; Lin, J.Y; Chao, S.T.
2016-06 Behavioral intervention for sleep disorders 楊建銘; Yang, C.-M.; Spielman, A. J.
2020 BERT 應用於數據型資料預測之研究:以美國職棒大聯盟全壘打數預測為例 孫瑄正; Sun, Hsuan-Cheng
2016-09 Betaine enhances antidepressant-like, but blocks psychotomimetic effects of ketamine in mice 詹銘煥; Lin, Jen-Cheng; Lee, Mei-Yi; Chan, Ming-Huan; Chen, Yi-Chyan; Chen, Hwei-Hsien
2017 Bi0.5Sb1.5Te3 與 Cu0.02Bi2Te2.7Se0.3熱電微結構陣列之製備與應用 吳宗恆; Wu, Tsung - Heng
2017 Bi0.5Sb1.5Te3+0.33 wt% aerogel與Cu0.02Bi2Te2.7Se0.3熱電薄膜與元件之熱電性質研究 何駿佑; Ho, Chun Yu
2021 Bi1.7+xSb0.3-xTe2.7Se0.3+y wt%Te x=0、0.05、0.1 y=15、20、25 熱電性質研究 李岷錡; Chi, Li Min
2000 A Bijective Proof from Binary trees to Nonnegative sequences 邱明哲; Chiu, Min-Che
1990 A Bijective Proof of Complete Binary Trees 施耀振
1991-09 BiLinear Time Series Models and Its Applications 吳柏林
2002 Binding energies and electronic structures of adsorbed titanium chains on carbon nanotubes 楊志開; Yang,Chih-Kai; Zhao,Jijun; Lu,Jian Ping
1996 Biodata,peer nomination,psychological testing,Connitive Complexity and managerial performance:a new perspective of managerial selection and development in Taiwan 張裕隆
2014-04 Biomechanical analysis and design of a dynamic spinal fixator using topology optimization: a finite element analysis 施世亮; Hung-Ming Lin; Chien-Lin Liu; Yung-Ning Pan; Chang-Hung Huang; Shih-Liang Shih (施世亮); Chen-Sheng Chen
2011-05 Biomechanical analysis of foot with different foot arch heights: a finite element analysis 施世亮; Sun, Pi-Chang; Shih, Shih-Liang; Chen, Yu-Ling; Hsu, Yu-Chun; Yang, Ruei-Cheng; Chen, Chen-Sheng
2006-07 Biomechanical Comparison of Instrumented Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion With One or Two Cages by Finite Element Analysis 施世亮; Ming-Fu Chiang; Zheng-Cheng Zhong; Chen-Sheng Chen; Cheng-Kung Cheng; 施世亮
2015-04 Biomechanical evaluation of a new pedicle screw-based posterior dynamic stabilization device (Awesome Rod System) - a finite element analysis Chen, Chen-Sheng; Huang, Chang-Hung; Shih, Shih-Liang; 施世亮
2011 BK離子通道與海馬迴粒細胞死亡的相關性 吳君逸; Wu, Jun Yi
2007-08 Blocking Probabilities of QoS Routing in IP Networks with Multiple Classes 陸行
1999 Blow up Solution of Nonlinear Wave Equations of Fourth Order 蔡炎龍
2003 Blow-up behavior for a semilinear heat equation with a nonlinear boundary condition 符聖珍; Fu,Sheng-Chen; Guo,Jong-Shenq; Tsai,Je-Chiang
2002-12 Blow-up for a semilinear reaction-diffusion system coupled in both equations and boundary conditions 符聖珍; Fu,Sheng-Chen; Guo,Jong-Shenq
2010-10 Blow-up of positive-initial-energy solutions for an integro-differential equation with nonlinear damping Wu, S.-T.; 蔡隆義; Tsai, Long Yi
2006-07 Blow-up of solutions for some non-linear wave equations of Kirchhoff type with some dissipation Wu, Shun-Tang; 吳舜堂; Tsai, Long Yi; 蔡隆義
1997-05 Blow-up rate and Blow-up Constant of the Solutions of some Nonlinear Differential Equations 李明融
2007-10 Blow-up results and asymptotic behavior of the Emden-Fowler equation u''=|u|^{p}/Acata Mathematia Scientia 李明融; Li, Mengrong

Showing items 201-225 of 5212. (209 Page(s) Totally)
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