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2011 Vha16-1對果蠅腸道功能和壽命之調控 宋祐陞
2008 Video-based activity and movement pattern analysis in overnight sleep studies Yang, Chien-Ming; Liao, Wen-hung; 楊建銘
1994-05 Violence against vape 陳皎眉
2004 The visibility number of a graph 張宜武; Douglas B. West; Jeno Lehel; Michael S. Jacobson
2009 von Mises-Fisher分配資料的半母數貝氏分析法 林其緯; Lin,Chi Wei
2012-04 Vortex induced by dc current in a circular magnetic spin valve nanopillar 李尚凡; Lee, S.F.
2016-02 Voting intention and choices: Are voters always rational and deliberative? 顏乃欣; Lee, I. C.; Chen, E. E.; Tsai, C. H.; Yen, N. S.; Chen, A. L. P.; Lin, W. C.
2016-02 Voting Intention and Choices: Are Voters Always Rational and Deliberative? 顏乃欣; 李怡青; 蔡佳泓; Lee, I-Ching; Chen, Eva E.; Tsai, Chia-Hung; Yen, Nai-Shing; Chen, Arbee L. P.; Lin, Wei-Chieh
2015-11 Wave propagation in predator-prey systems Fu, Sheng-Chen; 符聖珍; Tsai, Je-Chiang
2015-12 Wave propagation in the predator-prey systems 符聖珍; Fu, Sheng-Chen; Tsai, Je-Chiang
2015-01 What can we learn from hepatitis B virus clinical cohorts? Lin, Chih-Lin; Tseng, Tseng T.-C.; Kao, J.-H.; 林志陵
2017 “What should we do?” The after-action review of village heads’ information-seeking and decision-making during the unprecedented Kaohsiung Blast 許瓊文; Hsu, Chiung-wen
2010 What subjective experiences determine the perception of falling asleep during sleep onset period? Yang, C. M.; Han, H. Y.; Yang, M. H.; Su, W. C.; Lane, T.; 楊建銘
2016-07 When are two multi-layer cellular neural networks the same? 班榮超; Ban, Jung-Chao; Chang, Chih-Hung
2009-03 When Clinical Psychologists Encountered the 921 Chi-Chi Earthquake 蕭仁釗; 林耀盛; 姜忠信; 洪福建; 柯書林; 吳英璋; Shiau, Ren-Jau; Lin, Yaw-Sheng; Chiang, Chung-Hsin; Hung, Fu-Chang; Ke, Shu-Lin; Wu, En-Chang; 姜忠信; Chiang, Chung-Hsin
2018-06 When objective group membership and subjective ethnic identification don’t align: How identification shapes intergroup bias through self-enhancement and perceived threat 李怡青; Lee, I-Ching; Jenny, Su; C., Gries, P. H.; Liu, F. C. S.
2019-07 When the society slam the door in your face: The influences of referendum on same-sex marriage on employees’ emotions and work attitudes. 林姿葶; Lin, Tzu-Ting; Liao, Y. H.
2016 Whispers from the Sea”: On Future Human-Object Interrelationships 姚紀徽; Yao, Chi Hui
2011-06 White matter abnormalities of fronto-striato-thalamic circuitry in obsessive-compulsive disorder: A study using diffusion spectrum imaging tractography Chiu, C.-H.; Lo, Y.-C.; Tang, Hwa-Sheng; Liu, I.-C.; Chiang, W.-Y.; Yeh, F.-C.; Jaw, F.-S.; Tseng, W.-Y.I.; 湯華盛
2015-08 Who is gossiping in the workplace? The study of dispositional envy and organizational identification 郭建志; Kuo, C. C.
2019-07 Who is ostracized? The study of performance-based workplace ostracism perspective 郭建志; Kuo, C. C.
1994 Wilbrink定理的探討 楊茂昌; Yang, Mao Chang
2017-10 Work Group Polychronicity Diversity and Group Performance: A Moderated Mediation of Team Temporal Planning and Task Interdependence 林姿葶; Lin, Tzu-Ting; 何其霞; Ho, Chi-Hsia
2008 Working Memory and Knowledge Partitioning in Categorization 楊立行; Yang, Lee-Xieng
2012 Working Memory Does Not Dissociate Between Different Perceptual Categorization Tasks Yang, Lee-Xieng; Lewandowsky, Stephan; Newell, Ben R.; Kalish, Michael L.; 楊立行

Showing items 2126-2150 of 5212. (209 Page(s) Totally)
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