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2007-10 Blow-up results and asymptotic behavior of the emden-fowler equation u″= |u|p Mengrong, Li; 李明融
2005-10 Blow-up solutions of nonlinear differential equations Tsai, Long Yi; 蔡隆義
2005-10 Blow-up solutions of nonlinear differential equations. Chen, Yung-Fu; 蔡隆義; Tsai, Long-Yi
2008-06 Blow-up solutions to the nonlinear second order differential equation u 李明融; Li,Meng-Rong
2008-06 Blow-up solutions to the nonlinear second order differential equation u"(t)=u(t)^{p}(c-{1}+c-{2}u'(t)^{q}) (I) 李明融
2006 Blowup of solutions for evolution equations with nonlinear damping Tsai, Long Yi; 蔡隆義; Wu, S.-T
2013-03 BMP4 Is a Peripherally-Derived Factor for Motor Neurons and Attenuates Glutamate-Induced Excitotoxicity In Vitro Chou, Hui-Ju; Lai, D.-M.; Huang, C.-W.; McLennan, I.S.; Wang, H.-D.; Wang, Pei-Yu; 周慧茹
2011 BMP4 於神經肌肉系統生理功能之探討 周慧茹; Chou, Hui Ju
2007-04 BMP6 is axonally transported by motoneurons and supports their survival in vitro 王培育; Wang, Pei-Yu; Koishi, Kyoko; McLennan, Ian S.
2019-03 Body image promotion program with a creative movement approach for female college students in Taiwan 李宗芹; Lee, Tsung-Chin; Chiang, Chung-Hsin*; Chu, Ching-Lin; 姜忠信
1995-09 Boundary Behavior of the Kobayashi-Eisenman Volume Form 陳天進
2012-03 Bounded Tolerance Representations for Maximal Outerplanar Graphs 張宜武; Chang,Yi-Wu; Kuo,Chiu-Yun
2020-02 Brain metabolites in chronic migraine patients with medication overuse headache 蔡尚岳; Tsai, Shang-Yueh; Niddam, David M; Lai, Kuan-Lin; Lin, Yi-Ru; Chen, Wei-Ta; Fuh, Jong-Ling; Wang, Shuu-Jiun
2011-05 Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Enhances Bcl-xL Expression Through Protein Kinase Casein Kinase 2-Activated and Nuclear Factor Kappa B-Mediated Pathway in Rat Hippocampus 趙知章; Chao, Chih Chang; Chiang,CH; Ma,YL; Lee,EH
1994 A Branch-and-Cut Optimizer for Process Planning 劉明郎; N. V. Sahinidis
1997-05 Bridging the Gap Between Heuristics and Optimization in Process Systems Engineering via Analytical Investigations 劉明郎; Sahinidis, Nikolaos V.
2010-12 Bright and Dark Plasmon Modes in Three Nanocylinder Cluster 郭光宇; Klimov, Vasily; Guo, Guang-Yu
2017-03 Buffering and Direct Effect of Posttraumatic Growth in Predicting Distress Following Cancer. 許文耀; Carver, Charles S.; Wang, Ashley Wei-Ting; Chang, Cheng-Shyong; Chen, Shou-Tung; Chen, Dar-Ren; Fan, Fang
2008-03 Building Customer-based Online Brand Equity 錢玉芬
2011-05 Building the three-Group Causal Pathin the VAR Model 吳柏林; Wu,Berlin
1999 Calculation for a Cu(001) Surface with an Impurity Atom. 楊志開; Yang,Chih-Kai
1998 Calculation of Cu(001) and Its Computation Efficiency 楊志開; Yang,Chih-Kai
1995-04 Calculation of Impurity States in ZnO Using Recursive Green''s Function 楊志開; Yang, Chih-Kai; IVu3, S. Y.; Dy, Kian S.; Wu, S. Y.; Yang, Chih-Iiai
1997-02 The Calculation of Surface States in Real Space and An Application to Fe(OO1) 楊志開; Yang, Chih-Kai; Cheng, Yi-Chen; Wu, Shi-Yu
2004 Calculations of electronic structure of Ge44Mn2Ba8 and Ge42Mn4Ba8 clathrates 楊志開; Yang,Chih-Kai; Zhao,Jijun; Lu,Jian Ping

Showing items 226-250 of 5212. (209 Page(s) Totally)
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