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2018-01 Exploring Citizen's Anti-partyism in Taiwan 鄭夙芬; Cheng, Su-feng; Yu*, Ching-hsin; Tsai, Tsung-han
2017-09 Exploring the Use of Telephone Surveys and Propensity Score Adjustments to Correct Web Survey Biases 俞振華; Yu, Eric Chen-hua; 涂志揚; Tu, Chih-yang
2012-06 External engagement in Taiwan studies Sullivan, Jonathan
1997 Factores internacionales en las relaciones a traves del Estrecho de Taiwan 蔡瑋
1996 FDI and Economic Growth in China: A Dirigiste Perspective 李瓊莉
2015-09 Fewer Rungs, More Political Families: Legacy Candidates in Taiwan Elections 鮑彤; Batto, Nathan F.
1996-03 The Financial Autonomy of Provincial Governments in Mainland China and Its Effects Chang, Ya-Chun; 張雅君
1992-09 Foreign Aid in ROC Diplomacy 鄭端耀
1992-09 Foreign Aid in ROC Diplomacy 鄭端耀
1997-07 Foreign Direct Investment in China: Do State Policies Matter? 李瓊莉; Lee, Chyungly
1996-04 Foreign Direct Investment in Mainland China: Opportunities and Limitations for the EU 李瓊莉
2005-07 Foreign Economic Policy-Making in China 那瑞維; Narayanan, Raviprasad
2004-12 Foreign Policy and International Participation – On Taiwan's Diplomatic Initiatives and Participation in IGOs and NGOs 嚴震生
1998-09 Foreign Trade and Investment in Guangxi: A Comparative Analysis 趙甦成; Chao,Su-Cheng
1998-01 Foreign Trade and Investment in Guangxi:A Comparative Analysis 趙甦成
1998-01 Foreign Trade and Investment in Guangxi:A Comparative Analysis 趙甦成
1998 Four Faces of Vietnamese Communism: Small Countries' Institutional Choice under Hegemony 孫采薇; Sun, Tsai-Wei
2000-05 Freedom, Rights, and Authority in Chen Duxiu's Thinking Huang, Chang-Ling; 黃長玲
1996-05 Freeze the tropical seas - An ice-cool prescription for the burning Spratly issues! Sun, Kuan-Ming
1996-08 From Cooperation to Competition and From Competition to Cooperation: Some Practical Measures to Improve Korea-Taiwan Relations 嚴震生
2005-11 From New Three-Offense and Three-Defense toward Joint Operation? 丁樹範
2015-09 From Self-Sufficiency to Self-Supporting: China's Food Security under Overseas Farmland Investment and International Norms 林義鈞; LIN, SCOTT Y.
2004-12 From White Paper to Actual implementation of Foreign Policy: An Examination of DPP's Strategy for Survival 嚴震生
2015-02 Functional connectivity and neuronal variability of resting state activity in bipolar disorder-reduction and decoupling in anterior cortical midline structures Magioncalda, P.; Martino, Martino M.; Conio, B.; Escelsior, A.; Piaggio, N.; Presta, A.; Marozzi, V.; Rocchi, G.; Anastasio, L.; Vassallo, L.; Ferri, Ferri F.; Huang, Z.; Roccatagliata, L.; Pardini, M.; Northoff, G.; Amore, M.; Northoff, Georg
2014-04 Fun!有趣的韓國俚語‧俗諺 陳慶智

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