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2020-02 Polarization Perception and Support for Democracy: The Case of Taiwan 俞振華; Yu, Eric Chen-Hua; Hsiao, Yi-Ching
2004-09 Polarizing the Political Universe 蔡佳泓; Yung-ming Hsu; Shiu-ting Huang
2005-03 Policy Adaptability to Great Power Leadership: Taiwan's Foreign Policy Discourse and Room for Policy Change, 吳得源
2005-01 Policy-Making, Local Factions, and Candidate Coordination in SNTV: A Case Study of Taiwan 蔡佳泓
1994-12 Political and Socialogic Education & Research Policy Shift in Mainland China 劉勝驥
2019-01 Political Cleavage and Generational Politics 鄭夙芬; Cheng, Su-feng; Wang, T. Y.
2002-08 The Political Economy of the Electronic Business Policy in Taiwan1994-2002:The Developmental State in Transition? 鄭端耀
2008-04 Political Knowledge of A New Election System: A Case Study of the 2008 Taiwan Legislative Election 蔡佳泓; 游清鑫
2017-08 Political Left and Right in Taiwan 鄭夙芬
1991-09 The Political Roles of the Chinese Peasantry in a Changing Society 袁易
2004-09 Political Sophistication and Behavior of Nonpartisan Voters in Taiwan 蔡佳泓; Shuang-cheng Chao
2003-04 Political Survey and Survey Participation in Taiwan 鄭夙芬
2008-09 Political Tolerance in Taiwan: Democratic Elitism in a Polity under Threat T. Y. Wang; Chen, Lu-huei; 陳陸輝
2005-11 Political Tolerance in Taiwan: Is There a Gap Between Elites and Masses? 王德育; 陳陸輝
2006-09 Political Trust and Its Political Consequences in Taiwan 陳陸輝
Political Trust and Voting Behavior in Taiwan 陳陸輝; Lu-huei Chen
2020-05 Political Trust, Hierarchical Trust, and Protest Participation: Evidence from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong 鄭夙芬; Cheng, Su-feng; Chen, Yen-Hsin; Yang, Wan-Ying
2011-07 The Politics of Foreign Aid: A Positive Contribution to Asian Economic Growth? 楊昊; Yang, Alan H.; Chen, Ian T.Y.
1999-11 The Position of Hong Kong in Britain's Policy towards the Two Rival Chinese Regimes during the Early Years of the Cold War 甘逸驊
2016-06 Post Allocation, List Nominations, and Preelectoral Coalitions under MMM 蔡佳泓; Nemoto, Kuniaki; Tsai, Chia-hung
2010-01 Poverty and AIDS Relief: Development and International Assistance Perspective  趙甦成
1995 Power analysis of asymmetrical trade negotiations : cases in the Taiwan - U.S. agricultural trade Lee, Chyungly; 李瓊莉
2010-09-27 Power and Powerlessness of Indigenous People in Times of Transitional Justice –the Case of the Dao Enn, Rosa
2005-12 Practice without Theory: Fragile Stability in the Taiwan Strait 丁樹範
2010-03 Pragmatism, perceived reality, and Hong Kong people's attitudes toward democratic reform Lee, Francis L. F.; 李立峰

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